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Purpose of Notes
Your Notes

Your Arguments:In this section, compile any and ALL arguments that support your side of the resolution. Also, take note of any evidence that you may use in your debate to support your arguments. These arguments are usually positive in that they explain the benefits of your side.

Your Opponents Arguments:This is a list of every positive argument your opponent will make. What benefits are there to their way of looking at the resolution?

Your Weaknesses:What BAD things will your opponent say are going to happen if your side gets their way and how will you rebut those claims?

Their Weaknesses:Describe the bleak situation that will be created if your opponent gets their way. Why is their wa

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2 paragraphs.

about this article, write about what you found interesting and what you liked. try and quote article.

HEADLINE:A Mutinous Group of Cells On a Greedy, Destructive Path

BYLINE:By NatalieAngier


However much their politics and personal styles may otherwise divide them, Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow have now been linked in the public eye by a brutal disease that itself flouts the body’s partitions and ruptures the compartmentalized calm of which we all are built.

In quick, sad succession over the last two weeks, Mrs. Edwards, the 57-year-old wife of the presidential candidate John Edwards, and Mr. Snow, the 51-year-old press secretary to President Bush, announced that the cancers for which they had previously been treated had returned and metastasized: in her case, spreading from breast to bone, in his, from colon to liver. Both vowed to fight their resurgent disease, and given the possible treatments now available, they could well have years more of productive, if sometimes rough-edged, life before them. When Katie Couric said in a ”60 Minutes” interview with Mrs. Edwards how hard it must be ”staring at possible death,” Mrs. Edwards correctly shot back, ”Aren’t we all, though?”

Yet in truth, metastatic cancer remains one of the grimmest conditions a person can face. Patients rarely die from the effects of a primary tumor; 90 percent of deaths from cancer are the result of metastases, of malignant cellular outposts proliferating far from the neoplastic mass that spawned them. They are barbarians, the colonist cells, co-opting all nutrients in their adopted organ and starving their normal neighbors of air, sugar and salts, and blocking traffic and clogging conduits, and finally, when their greed exceeds their easy grab, tearing open surrounding cells and feasting like cannibals on the meat of their fellows.

This, of course, is outrageous. We are each of us an obligately multicellular community, in which many trillions of microscopic cells have joined forces and fates, have specialized in the tasks to which they were assigned during our embryonic development. You over there, in the neural crest, you will be a melanocyte and help pigment a freckle. And you, in the midline ridge of the limb bud, you will be a bone cell of an index finger that will someday point firmly at a reporter’s raised hand. With all the normal cell divisions that occur throughout life, the chronic replacement of skin, hair and intestinal lining, the constant remodeling of our bones and retooling of our immune system, we go through about 10 million billion cells over our four-scorish span. The vast majority of those cells behave and do their job, as though innately aware that only the gametes can jump ship and live to tell about it. So what gives with metastases? What turns them into such oblivious, self-important, suicidal fools?

Biologists know quite a bit about the steps that transform a normal cell into a cancer cell, a cell that lawlessly divides and gives rise to a primary tumor. They have identified genetic mutations and chromosomal aberrations that prompt cells to think they are being stimulated by growth hormones when they are not, that stifle safety signals meant to keep cell division in check, and that shore up the tips of chromosomes and so immortalize cells that otherwise would be slated to die. Researchers’ grasp of metastasis, by contrast, remains relatively sketchy, one reason being that whereas the initial stages of malignant transformation can be analyzed in vitro, in the controlled setting of cultured cells, metastasis — which is Greek for ”beyond static” — is a matter of cells on the move and ultimately must be studied in vivo, in the bewildering wilderness of the body.

Nevertheless, researchers have some clues. They have learned that full-blown metastasis is an extremely challenging trade, and that the great majority of cancer cells are not up to the task. Even those malignant characters that manage to slither their way into the blood or lymph system usually fail to do anything further. In his newly published book, ”The Biology of Cancer” (Garland Science), Dr. Robert A. Weinberg of the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, Mass., points out that in experiments with mice carrying bulky tumors of a billion cells each, perhaps a million cancer cells are seeded into the rodents’ circulation each day, ”yet the visible metastases formed in such animals may be counted on the fingers of one hand.”

The body’s transportation networks are fraught with danger to unlicensed migrants, and not just from the body’s defense system. Because most tumor cells lack the streamlined form of the blood and immune cells that are designed for cross-body trafficking, shear forces in the smaller vessels may rip the intruders apart.

To survive the journey, malignant cells must reinvent themselves as parasites. A few manage to slim down to almost bacterial dimensions by pinching off unnecessary hanks of their cytoplasm. Others take on what Dr. Weinberg calls ”hitchhikers,” attracting an entourage of platelets and red blood cells to their surface ”to escort them through the rapids into safe pools within tissues.”

Such oases might be wound sites to which the chaperone platelets handily stick, enabling their companion cancer cells to gain their first toehold in virgin terrain — and to begin feeding on the rich broth of growth hormones and factors with which wound sites typically teem. In one 1993 report, Israeli oral surgeons described 55 cases of dental extractions in which the procedure was followed days to months afterward by the eruption of an ugly metastasis where the tooth had once been; for a third of the patients, the appearance of the gumline growth was the first sign that an internal organ was riddled with cancer.

Yet even after malignant cells have settled onto a new site, their replicative success is hardly guaranteed. Most appear to either die or lapse into dormancy. Patients may harbor thousands or millions of these dormant micrometastases without suffering a fatal relapse of the disease. Evidence suggests that micrometastases will not attain macro dimensions unless, among other things, they adapt to their new surroundings and interact with their neighbors enough to exploit them. This helps explain why different types of primary tumors tend to metastasize to their ”preferred” organ: cells learn a skill set from their tissue of origin, and some lessons are more easily applied to one novel setting than to another. Breast tumors, for example, are known to metastasize to bone tissue, where the invasive cells perversely take advantage of their ability to gather calcium ions for breast milk and apply it to the rampant dissolution of calcium-rich bone. Malignant melanoma spreads readily to the brain, presumably because neural tissue and the melanocytes that give rise to melanoma both arise from the same class of cells during gestation.

Cancer may be short-sighted, but it is life stripped raw and caterwauling, life determined to divide at all costs, and to go back to the womb, and to be born all over again.

Modern medicine vs complementary and alternative medicine homework essay help: homework essay help

I want you to write 2 FULL pages about modern medicine vs Complementary and alternative medicine. Compare and contrast between both of them, and how they work and can be beneficial.

– Identify them and what makes them unique to lifespan wellness.

– Articulate how these unique approaches could impact your own personal wellness plan.

– Identify whether or not these would be something you could integrate into your own life and how you would do it.

Complementary and alternative medicine such as mind-body interventions, alternative medical Systems, massage therapy, meditation, and yoga.

Please follow all instruction and:

** I need FULL 2 pages

** Identify and summarize important points

** NO copy or plagiarism

Going to college vs. entering the workforce without a degree college essay help service

rces words typed, double-spaced (12-point Times New Roman font)

1200-1500 words

MLA with MLA documentation (In-text citations & Works Cited page)

Claim one is better than the other
Show how two aspects that seem similar are actually different
Show how two aspects that seem different are actually similar
Demonstrate how something has changed over time

Lead to a new way of understanding something

Creative arts for young children reading Log english essay help: english essay help

This assignment’s answers are ONLY based on the reading materials (chapter 1) from the textbook.

Each week please post your Reading Log with atwo paragraph summary and two paragraph reflection.Include APA in-text citations and a reference list with at least our textbook as one source.

Reflect on the following questions from the reading in Week 1 (chapter 1).

Are young children creative? Describe how you support your belief. What has caused the renewed interest in young children and their participation in the creative arts?

Arts for young children persuasive essay help: persuasive essay help

Review the Creative Teacher Book Reports activities and describe two different activities you will do in the classroom and teach your peers how to perform these activities so they can take-away your ideas!

Please share your interpretation of the following Bible verse and how it connects to this week’s purpose:

Deut. 32:2 “Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.”

For essays guru – college essay help online

This assignment will help you research and understand what impact organizational structure and communication have on organizational behavior within an organization. As you complete this assignment, consider experiences you have had with organizational structure and communication.

Writea 2 page paper in which you:

Explain how organizational structure affects organizational behavior.
Identify how effective and ineffective application of structure impacts organizational behavior.
Discuss how organizational communications can be used to support organizational behavior.
Include effective and ineffective communication methods.

Cite2 reputable references used to complete your chart. Reputable references include trade or industry publications; government or agency websites; scholarly works; your textbook,Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Design in Health Care (2nd ed.);or other sources of similar quality.

Logos, ethos and pathos – persuasive article – rhetorical appeal argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online

Click the link below to watch a video about how to identify logos, ethos, and pathos in written works. Then link us to any persuasive article of your choice, breaking down how these three rhetorical appeals are used.

Analyze This

Research essay writing college essay help service

Topic: Inter-religion Marriage

Several Assignments to complete: Check the following attachments.

Check My Research Planner.doc file and there are several dues and assignments to complete.

Thanks in advance








My research planner. essay help app

Sebika Darnal

Devarani Arumugam




My Research planner


Due date

Topic proposal plan
Must done before conference day. Must be 2 page long


Conference Day
02/18/2020 at 11:45am
Face to face meeting with Ms deva regrading about my topic for research

Research question and thesis statement
I must come up with some question base upon my Topic and start working on my thesis

Annotated bibliography
Must read 20 articles about my research Topic


Note card nor cite
20 note card




Draft 1
I should know what am I going to talk about and ready to draft it out

Draft 2
3 page


Draft 3


Research evaluation and portfolio

Final draft
Essay should be ready by now

Presentation Day
5 slide


Literary analysis one of the following 3 writings. instruction is attached below… essay help: essay help






English paper assignment mba essay help

English 1302

A. What is research?

If youve watched any detective movies, youll find the job of sleuthing that leads to finding a culprit to a crime, somewhat interesting. When investigators interview their witness, read through files and reports, piece together clues and attempt to uncover criminals, their search is exciting. The enthusiasm is often attributed to the purposeful excitement of discovering the unknown. Yet, the people who may find murder mysteries exciting may not be aware that academic research is in its essence similar in nature to all other research. Honest and inquisitive research writing demands attention to details. The research process can be tedious. However, if you see the work contributing to new knowledge and discoveries, you may find research work meaningful. As you consider what others have to say about your subject, you will become an expert on the subject in your own right. You will form an in-depth knowledge of the field that you care about, and you will be able to communicate that to your audience.

B. Why should you document your sources?

As with all good research, some amount of library work is essential. When using library research, you must be careful to keep a thorough record of all your sources. Do refer to the annotated bibliography assignment for the necessary items needed for documentation. In your process of researching, you must not only document your sources, but also analyze and evaluate your sources. You must also draw from work done by other researchers to form, support, and extend your own opinions. You must practice intellectual integrity by presenting the work others have done, accurately, and by acknowledging your sources of information. You are expected to develop a thesis for your topic, do research on it, form a position on your findings, and develop argumentations in support of your thesis.

C. What are the general requirements of this assignment?

You must make sure that this research paper is not a mere report, but a true research where you address societal concerns by exploring new ways of dealing with real life problems. The target audience must go away feeling that theyve learned and discovered something new from your research findings. You must find a way of analyzing and studying your interest area from a fresh, new perspective. The research must allow for the readers to see a clear link between the findings and the analysis of the underlying issues, themes, values, assumptions or beliefs that control current ways of looking at the problem. You must find a way to persuade your audience to draw new meanings and new ways of seeing the world from the argumentations, analysis, and findings. The research paper should present your positioning on where you stand in the conflicting opinions of the field and how you intend to resolve it. It is extremely important that your arguments build towards a cohesive way of seeing the field of study from a new-fangled perspective.

D. How do you pick a topic?

Know that your choice of topic is very important for your research and that your topic proposal will be evaluated forresearch worthinessbefore it will be approved for the research project.Research worthinesswill be evaluatedon a scale of howthe topic appeals to the concerns of a common audience and if it would have impact on the target audience. Obviously, topics that are more controversial are usually seen as topics that are more appealing to the masses. Having said that, what that appeals to the masses may be areas that may not completely satisfy the research worthy criterion asthese maybe topics that have not beenaddressed in scholarly research or topics that have very little impact value. Such topics would certainly be disastrous for our purpose. Therefore, I suggest that you leave such topics out. Be aware that all topics that do not meet the criterion ofresearch worthiness, will have to be reworked for a better topic.

E. Parameters for the assignment:

For the purpose of this research, you must write an eight to twelve-page paper (excluding the references) on the topic that you have proposed. The research paper must be based on the research that was proposed, documented, and researched in this class. All papers must be double spaced and presented in Times New Roman 12pt. font, with a one-inch margin and presented in the MLA format. All papers must have at least 10 MLA style in-text citation and a minimum of 10 references in a MLA style work cited page. These references should be from those that were listed in your annotated bibliography. All research material referred to and cited in the work cited page must be presented in a research portfolio.

Your research portfolio must consist of all the materials below:

Research Process Total 2,000 points

Topic Proposal 100 points

Proposal Conference 200 points

Proposal Plan 100 points

Research Question 50 points

Thesis Development 50

Outline 100 points

Research Report 100 points

Note Cards (20) 200 points

Bibliography (20) 200 points

Draft 1 100 points

Draft 2 100 points

Draft 3 100 points

Eportfolio 100points

Powerpoint Presentation 200 points

Research Evaluation 100 points

Research Paper 1,000 points
Topic Proposal and Research Plan:
Below are the heuristics for the topic proposal and research plan assignment:

Topic proposal must be two pages long.

Topic proposal must clearly define the area that you are studying for the research paper.

The topic must show be narrow enough for the length of the assignment.

The researcher must also suggest the reasons why he/she has chosen to limit the research within the specific area. The reasons can comprise of any particular social, political, economical hardship, or problem that communities around the world are facing. It is also crucial for the researcher to stipulate how the researcher is directly or indirectly impacted by it as well.

The purpose for the topic proposal is to convince me and your classmatesthat your topic is research worthy.

After identifying the topic, it is crucial that the researcher has a research plan.

The purpose for the plan is for the researcher to have an individualized timeline or plan for the completion of the final research paper.

The researcher is required to incorporate all the due dates scheduled in his/her calendar into his/her plan towards the final completion of the research paper.



Literary analysis assignment medical school essay help: medical school essay help

A good literary analysis requires the reader to interpret, evaluate, and theorize about literary writings. When writers do a literary analysis of other writings, they should read the article they are critiquing thoroughly and do some interpretation of writing as a way to evaluate and theorize the value of the piece. Remember that a literary analysis is written not merely to provide the readers an understanding of the piece but also to judge the worth of the writing. However, like all other academic analysis, the critique must first demonstrate that he/she has made a sincere attempt at understanding the content, structure, the rhetorical dimensions and the context of the literary writing before he/she attempts at critiquing it. Lacking this, the literary analysis will be flawed, losing its worth and misleading the readers.

Most literary writings begin with a content summary of the literary piece that is being reviewed, followed by points of analysis/observations, and concluded with an evaluation. For the literary analysis assignment in this class, you are required to write a minimum of 750 words analysis of a piece chosen from your reading list.

Required Structure for the Literary Analysis Paper:

Summary of the article that is being critiqued:

Must be concise and not longer than one paragraph long.

Must present a fair understanding of the genre and context

Must demonstrate a fair comprehension of literary piece.

Must provide a thesis that is relevant to the literary piece

3 critical points of analysis.

Analysis points: Authors Purpose, Authors Point of View, Plot, Theme, Characterization, Setting, Thematic Analysis, Structure, Moral, Mood, and Use of Literary Devices (Foreshadowing, Simile, Metaphor, Dialogue, Allegory, Irony, Alliteration, Paradox, Repetition, Tragic Flaw, Imagery, etc.)

The literary analysis must evaluate the literary writing with a minimum of three points of analysis.

Each analysis point must all be relevant to the thesis.

Each analysis or observation must be supported by textual evidence or references.

Evaluation of the Literary piece

Did the literary piece, although fictional say something about real life?

Is it a work of art thats fairly complex but unified?

Does it set forth a wholesome view of life?

Is it original in some ways?

Does it deal with an important subject?

Overall, was the article a worthy read?




Investigating Happiness at College essay help writing: essay help writing



TOPIC Either a specific group related to college or a factor within college life that possibly affects a specified group of college students or students in general.

PITCH Present your topic and your research question to the class

shark tank! Sound too scary? How about guppy tank ?). Tentative due date: 2/5 & 2/7

ESSAY 1 The prospectus and the annotated bibliography. Tentative due date: 2/21

ESSAY 2 Change in your topic or conducting your own study

Tentative due date: 3/16 ESSAY 3 Argument about a specific controversy within your topic

Tentative due date: 4/6 ESSAY 4 Answers and argues your refined research question about the importance of your topic.

Tentative due date: 4/24

Rough drafts with reflections about what is working and not working and WHY will be required for the prospectus and essays 2 and 3. The work on the rough draft and the reflections will count toward your essay grade.

Final reflections submitted the class period after you submit your final draft for essays 2-4 will also count as part of your essay grade.

You will upload your drafts on Moodle. You will be asked to identify the portions of the sources you used and submit hard copies of your sources in a folder or files of your sources online.



Investigating Happiness at College:

Some questions that will help you form your own research questions:

Is happiness a necessity or a perk in college life? What do the expectations of happiness and the pursuit of

happiness reveal about a specific college group, college students in general, or another college-related group?

Considering both on-campus factors and off-campus factors (at least at first), what most influences your groups happiness (or unhappiness)?

Is there one major factor (on campus or off campus) you would want to investigate that affects students happiness?

How do the expectations about happiness that society has in general or a certain specific segment of society (for instance, parents) has, relate to college or college students?

How much do preconceived notions and expectations about college life affect student happiness?

Hard work is hard to enjoy. So how do students balance that hard work with the other joys of life?


This semester you will be investigating happiness and some aspect of college life. You will either pick some SPECIFIC GROUP you are interested in studying. Here are some examples of a SPECIFIC GROUP : first-year athletes (or better: freshman football redshirts), sorority members, RAs, members of religious groups, art students, students who work on campus, international students (or better: Puerto Rican college students), cafeteria workers, and so forth.

OR you will investigate a certain aspect of college life that FACTORS into either the overall college students happiness or some segment of college students happiness. Here are some examples of FACTORS : technology, parking, textbooks, teaching style, major selection, on-campus jobs, work,



parental pressure, procrastination, and so forththough I would suggest tying these to a specific group, such as first-year students or early admission students, I wont require it.

Just note : it is better to start too specifically on a narrow GROUP or FACTOR ; then, if the need arises, you can broaden the GROUP or FACTOR . You might start your investigation with Puerto Rican students, but find you have to expand it to students from US territories, then students whose first language is Spanish, and so forth.

Note that it is usually more interesting to study a group that you are not a member of or that you want to understand better; however, this is not a requirement. MOST IMPORTANTLY : FOLLOW WHAT YOU ARE MOST INTERESTED INBEING INTERESTED IN YOUR TOPIC MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE FOR HOW YOUR SEMESTER GOES!


The Pitch Prospectus & Annotated Bibliography Essay 1

Essays 2 & 3 Essay 4

THE PITCH (tentative due date 2/5 & 2/7)

You will make a minute-long pitch in class (each class decided to do this method). You will justify your planned topic and why you want to research it. You will center the pitch around your research question. By the time you submit your pitch, you will have familiarized yourself with preliminary research about your topic to get a general view of it and its viability. What is the question about your topic that you want an answer to this semester? What have you found in your preliminary research about it? Why is it valuable to research and study this specific topic? Think Shark Tank–or how about guppy tank . PROSPECTUS & ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ESSAY 1 (tentative due date 2/21)

1) In the Prospectus (500-750 words/MLA format), you will explain your research topic for the semester and what you plan to do for each essay. The prospectus is more informal and you can use I in it; it wont include sources because you should be writing it from your general knowledge of the topic without referring to specific sources. See pages 215-18 in C&RG and my guidelines below. Note that this is not just something you can write from the top of your head. This takes a lot of legwork and preliminary thinking, discussing, and research to be sure it is a viable topic with viable mini-topics for essays 2 and 3.




2) The annotated bibliography is a list of sources that will serve as the foundation for your research this semester. It is a list of at least 10 sources (see the specific requirements below) in MLA Works Cited style, but in addition to the source information, you provide information about the sources such as author information and context, the type of source it is, a summary of the source, quick evaluation, specific sections that are of interest, your reactions to it, and how you might use this in your essays this semester. See the specific directions in C&RG 219-220 about multi-source annotated bibs and my example that is linked in the assignment when we did our first annotated bib entry. Please note, that the summary of the source must be your own summaryyou cannot just use the abstract that comes with the article! Plagiarism rules apply! In each entry think: context , main point, summary, evaluation, and reflection about how it might work into your essays this semester. The bibliography must contain the following types of sources, but you are welcome and encouraged to have more:

at least 4 scholarly secondary sources (from academic journals) at least 1 other secondary source (reliable but not necessarily scholarly) at least 2 nonfiction primary sources at least 1 creative primary source the remaining sources should be reliable and appropriate for academic essays.


WHAT TO INCLUDE IN YOUR PROSPECTUS Introduction See the section about the prospectus in the Composition and Rhetoric Guide for more specific help.

Describe your group or the factor you are investigating and the connection to happiness. Why you chose this group or factor and what about it interests you. Say what you hope to argue/prove OR, best, present your research question. You might find writing and reviewing this paragraph helps you with your pitch.

Each Body section 1-3 should develop most of the following areas: What you hope to discover/prove in this essay or your limited research question geared to this

essay and any necessary explanation that will help your audience. What opposition might say (and perhaps how you might persuade them). What specific categories of sources you might look for and what sources do you already plan to use. What primary sources you might use to illustrate your point. What troubles you anticipate having.

Body Section 1 (this corresponds to Essay 2– make sure you review the prompt for this essay below before you tackle this !). For this essay youll have two choices:

Option 1: explain a significant change in the group or factor related to happiness and what you might argue about it.

Option 2: Youll do your own study on your topic, and then in an essay modeled off a scholarly research article, you will report what previous scholars have said, how you conducted your study, your findings from your own field research, and your conclusions based on your research.



*For both options, youll discuss what type of field study you are planning to conduct to gather first-hand information and why you plan to use that type.

Body Section Two (this corresponds to Essay 3–make sure you review the prompt for this essay below!)

identifies and explains a controversial issue within your topic and how you will tackle the argument. Body Section Three (this corresponds to Essay 4–make sure you review the prompt for this essay below!)

explain why your research is important to pursue and what impacts it might reveal. This essay will try to answer in an argument your main research question for the semester. Also consider why your audience should care about the group/factor you focused on and what is the impact of your findings on the group itself, students, colleges, and possibly communities? You may also end up discussing some of the implications for the future.


Why it is worth studying? Why is it important to study? Overall opposition/what different sides will say? Return to your thesis or research question and consider what you think youll discover and why.

Your annotated bibliography will then follow on a new page but will be submitted in the same file as the prospectus.


ESSAYS 2-3, OVERALL REQUIREMENTS Each essay must make a well-supported argument with well-integrated sources and be

based on the assigned prompts below. To get a passing grade: you must support an arguable thesis based on your own thoughts about your topic and the sources you have read and the research you have conducted; each must also be a 1,000-1,300 words, have 5-6 sources minimum (see the individual requirements for each essay) that are cited in the style required for each essay. See the syllabus about the other requirements as far as rough draft, final draft, and revision submissions.

Sources must be well-integrated in the text of the essay with the use of direct quotation, summary, and paraphrase as well as in-text citations. A Works Cited must be included, and though it is the last page of your essay it does not count as part of the word requirement!

You will upload your drafts on Moodle. You will be asked to identify the portions of the sources you used and submit hard copies of

your sources in a folder or files of your sources online. Be sure to review the rubrics and checklist in The Composition and Rhetoric Guide as you

draft and revise!





Option 1: Argue a significant change in the group or factor related to happiness. Option 2: Youll do your own study on your topic, and then in an essay modeled off a scholarly

research article, you will report what previous scholars have said, how you conducted your study, your findings from your own field research, and your conclusions based on your research.

Things to consider if you are writing about change: Have things always been this way? If not, what sparked a change? What caused the problem/issue to begin or become significant? What kind of impact did the significant change have on members of your selected group or on the impression of the factor you are focused on? How do current college students reflect/or not reflect this change?

If you are going to conduct your own study, youll figure out the best way to try to collect information about the group or factor, how youll conduct your study, how you plan to collect information from the subjects you are studying. Youll also consider what other researchers have found as you figure this all out. Finally, youll make some conclusions about your findings.

Required minimum source guidelines: at least 1 scholarly secondary source from an academic journal at least 1 secondary nonfiction book source (does not need to be scholarly) at least 1 field research primary source that you conducted yourself. at least 1 primary nonfiction source or at least 1 creative media primary

source (try to have both of these because youll be more likely to meet the final essay 4 required sources)

a reliable source of any type (students choice) that is appropriate for an academic audience and purpose




(tentative due date 4/6)

For the third research essay, you will make a formal argument regarding a controversial issue within your topic having to do with the group or factor you have been studying this semester. This will be an



academic essay, but if you wish you could gear your argument to your particular group or college students in general. So for instance, if you are studying how parents affect college student happiness, you might choose to write to an audience of college students to convince them of something about their parents OR you might write to an audience of parents to try to convince them of something about their college students. If you dont want to aim toward a specific audience, youll be writing to a general audience.

Required minimum source guidelines: Three scholarly secondary sources Two primary


ESSAY 4: ARGUMENT/2,000 WORDS/MUST BE SUBMITTED TO MOODLE/10 SOURCES/WORKS CITED (tentative due date 4/24) All of the same submission standards for Essays 2-3 listed above apply to this essay except the word count and number of sources: 2000 words and a minimum of 10 sources as listed below.

This essay is the culmination of all your work this semester. Based on what you have learned this semester, you will argue the role of happiness in your group or how it relates to the factor youve chosen. Can happiness factor into student success? What is student success: social? academic? self-confidence? resiliency? a good job? a proud family? Should students expect to be happy most of the time in college? Alternatively, do students understand that hard work and tough choices may lead to greater happiness later? Should colleges (including students) do more to promote happiness and well-being? Should students care more about their own foundational happiness? What are the implications for the future? What needs to be studied more?

You will be using parts of your other essays to complete this one, BUT this should feel like a new essay and not just a copy and paste job! You most likely have to do some new research to support your thesis.

Required minimum source guidelines: Seven scholarly (at least three academic journals) Three primary (at least one creative source)


See my syllabus about what to do if Essay 1 doesnt go well & revising Essays 2, & 3 for a new grade and the required procedure and last day of submission for doing this. If you are unhappy with your grade, you should come to see me immediately and use the writing center to get help. There is a



portfolio review option as well if you have made improvements over the semestersee the explanation in the Composition and Rhetoric Guide . Please ask for help if you are feeling stuck!


You will be asked to submit a rough draft with a detailed description of what you think is working and not working and why. Failure to reflect in depth will lower your essay grade and I will not give feedback on any essay that does not include this detailed reflection. This draft and your reflections on it may count toward your overall grade on that essay.

When you finish a final draft of essays 2, 3, and 4, on the next class day, you will submit a reflection thats at least three paragraphs that contain the following:

Paragraph 1: You will reflect on whats working and not working on the essay and WHY this is and assign a letter grade to your essay that you believe would be fair based on the final product (not necessarily the effort you put into it)you can use the self-analysis rubric to guide you.

Paragraph 2: Youll discuss the decisions you made during the writing of the essay, both on the page and in how you allotted time and effort. So you might discuss why you tried an informal but catchy introduction and your decision to have a two-paragraph conclusion with sources cited in it, and then discuss that you really thought a lot about writing the essay for the whole week but when it came down to it you started to work on the final draft at 9PM before it was due and you ran out of time and energy.

Paragraph 3: Youll reflect on what you are learning about writing and yourself as a writer. Please be extra careful to follow

Discuss Your Belief On Tech Giants Violating Antitrust Laws writing essay help

Antitrust regulation is designed to increase competition by eliminating attempts to monopolize an industry (other than through better products or better management) as well as by attacking certain patterns of illegal conduct (i.e. price fixing and exclusionary contracts that foreclose competitor business). For this forum, discuss your belief on tech giants violating antitrust laws. Do you feel Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc. are in violation of such antitrust regulation?

Signature Assignment Outcomes And Quality essay help 123: essay help 123

Assignment Content

Imagineyou are being vetted for a managerial position at a local health care facility. As part of the process, they have provided prompts for which you must write a response.

Writea 700- to 1,050-word paper describing the process for tracking outcomes and improving quality and safety. Include the following in your paper:

Impact of external and internal standards
Role of continuous improvement in quality and safety
Plan for employee development in quality and safety
Role of technology in quality and safety
Cite3 references, one of which may be the course textbook.

Formatyour assignment according to APA guidelines

Interview permission form write essay help



I give ,____________________________________________,

[interviewer/person doing the interview–please print]


permission to use my interview response for academic purposes. I am aware that these


responses may be used, including my name, in an essay that may be available to the public.


Print name: _____________________________________________________

[interviewee/person being interviewed]


Sign & Date: ____________________________________________________

[interviewee/person being interviewed]


I, the interviewer, promise to keep the response in context and not misrepresent it as I quote, summarize, and/or paraphrase the response in ways that best suit the assignments purpose and its audience.


Print name: _____________________________________________________

[interviewer/person doing the interview]


Sign & Date: ____________________________________________________

[interviewer/person doing the interview

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