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D4.1 Discussion 4.1 – Student Life (Chapter 4)

Your chapter introduced this and many other student life issues.Of those presented in your text, which do you feel is of greatest concern to you?As a teacher, what can you do to help resolve the problem? Please limit your responses to 300 words.  Quality (not quantity) is the key!

Write an appropriate proposal—internal, solicited sales, or unsolicited sales—based on the information contained in one of the following two articles.

Assume that your or yourprospective customer’s company or community faces a problem similar to one discussedin one of these articles. Use as much of the information in the article as you need, andadd any details of your own that you think are necessary.

Professional Writing and Presentation

For each advertisement identify the type of persuasion used (Scientific argument or emotional persuasion) AND how you reached your conclusion.Be sure to include detailed explanations for your choices. Each response should be 3-5 sentences in length. * 1 page Max!Website #1 - – *You will need to copy and paste this link.*Website #2 -

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Writing Assignment Help Essentially, the paper needs to focus much more on value creation. There is only a short section saying that Coke sells happiness. This needs to be deeply investigated and discussed. Why is this the case? How do you support this theory? You might analyze TV commercials or slogans and serve those up as evidence that this is indeed the value proposition. Who does happiness create value? What is this value? Remember that we are talking about perceived value.You may also want to distinguish between functional and emotional values. Functional values are partly derived from caffeine while emotional values may be “fun”, “enjoying life”, etc.The above is critical.The paper provides too much general information about the Coca Cola company. It is recommended that you select a specific Coca Cola brand, e.g. Coke Classic or Coke Zero or Coke without caffeine, or Coke Zero without caffeine, etc. or other brands like Fanta and Minutemaid.Only by zeroing in on one specific brand will the essay show enough depth.Please try to cut down on content that does not address the specific task. The task has been formulated with extreme care and focus and, therefore, it is front and center. You may use the marketing mix and target market to back up your theory.Please get back to me if anything is unclear.This was assessment brief:COURSEWORK 1: INDIVIDUAL ESSAY (50%)?                            TASK Students should prepare a 2,000-word essay on the topic outlined below. The definition of “Marketing” has evolved over the years from production to product to sales to societal consumer-centric marketing. There are numerous iterations of the concept, ranging from Ernest Dichter, Philip Kotler, Theodore Levitt, David Aaker, Martin Lindstrom to Douglas Van Praet and others.Increasingly, “creating and delivering relevant value” has become the key requirement when planning the launch or relaunch of products and services. Sometimes, it is about an “unmet need”, but often what precisely constitutes “value” for consumers is ill-defined or misunderstood within an organization. Meeting currently unmet needs requires careful evaluation, e.g. potential market size, the relative importance of fulfilling such a need, the appropriateness and desirability for the value proposition in different parts of the world. Further, brands may evolve their value proposition over time to better meet changing consumer needs.The correct identification of a value proposition from the consumer point of view is critical to market success. Some approaches include adding more functional benefits to existing products, sales promotions, micro-targeting, etc.To what extent are these basic approaches still relevant in a volatile and uncertain environment? Are there are strategies to meet evolving needs? Task : EssayWith reference to an existing global brand, analyze the extent to which it is delivering identifiable value to its consumers.GuidelinesThe analysis may include (but is not limited to) messaging analysis and strategy (marketing communications), description of the target market and the corresponding relevance of the value proposition, positioning, how and the value proposition is relevant globally, potential adjustment of the value proposition in future (if needed and why), the consumer insight which identified the value proposition, etc. Keep in mind that the value proposition may be functional, emotional or both and may involve texture, packaging, color, claims, size, dosage, application (s), design, communication channels. Using the marketing mix may provide a useful format for the essay. It is important however to identify the single most important value proposition which differentiates the brand from its current competition. This is my rubric:Written Work Grading Matrix Template (applicable for Individual Essays

e. Northern vs Southern, white vs mulatto, white vs African American?Some people believe this film should not be shown in

e. Northern vs Southern, white vs mulatto, white vs African American?Some people believe this film should not be shown in public. As historians and scholars how can we deal with the problem of screening films which might offend a portion of the audience?How did the widespread viewing of the movie either influence or reflect the values, opinions and social perspectives of the American audience at the time of the film’s release?

Technical Writing Project

In your document, address the following:Select a specific device or task that would require a technical document to explain or demonstrateStart by writing a brief description of the audience you are addressing.You must include appropriate and helpful visual elements in your instructions.Use technical writing principles studied in the course to convey clear and practical details to your reader. Keep the “reader-centered approach” in mind.Design the document so the audience can use it most efficiently for its intended purpose. Use the principles of document design covered in this course.Prepare the document for professional publication by thoroughly proofreading it and ensuring it is clear for the audience to use.Include a summary paragraph that explains how specific elements of the piece of technical writing you produced will help users understand the devise or task better.If you are unsure of a topic, here are some possible topics you MAY choose from:Assembling a car seat, crib, toy, or other children’s product.Creating a website.Creating an account and ordering from an online retailer.Finding and joining an online community.Installing an engine component in a specific vehicle.Filing a claim for benefits or setting up an electronic payment account.Setting up a cell phone, computer game console, digital camera, or other digital hardware.

Developing an Ethical Culture

).  For this assignment, you will take on the role of a mid-level organizational manager.  In your current job role, you have noticed that the organizational culture is contributing to some unethical decision making by subordinates and peers. You feel strongly that leadership must be not only made aware of the situation but also given appropriate solutions. To communicate with the CEO and shareholders, you must create a memo.  In the memo, you will explain the issues, as well as offer appropriate solutions.  For help in the format and writing style of a memo use  Good example of a persuasive memo.  In your memo include:Header: with To, From, Date, and SubjectIntroductory paragraphOne to two paragraphs outlining the issues.Three to six paragraphs describing solutionsA closing paragraph that summarizes the information.In the memo:Describe the issues of the current ethical cultureDescribe which stakeholders are affected by the issues, such as employees, shareholders, local community, society, etc.Formulate a plan to change the ethical cultureConvince the CEO and shareholders of the importance of the changesMemos are a business style of writing rather than academic. You do not need to use in-text citations in the memo. However, your work should be paraphrased rather than quoted. You must include a reference page to demonstrate the use of any.

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