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CRT-201 Critical Thinking: Rationale for a Position

** The assignment has two parts **


Part I:DQ question, write in 50 words or more.

Discuss an example of a recent news story or article. What types of value assumptions did it convey?

*** include a copy of the article; paper, section, and date of the article ***

Part II:

Complete Exercise 3 below, Ideas for Writing or Speaking. Your essay should be approximately 500 words in length.Incorporate what you have learned this week about bias, assumptions, and ethics into your essay.

Format your paper using Writing Style Handbook guidelines.

Choose one of the following points, and write an essay in which you take a position (agree or disagree) on one of the following quotes. Support your conclusion about the quote with specific reasons.Incorporate what you have learned this week about bias, assumptions, and ethics into your essay.

a.To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society. President Theodore Roosevelt

b.In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they dont have the first, the other two will kill you. Warren Buffet

c.The great secret of morals is love. Percy Bysshe Shelley, A Defence of Poetry (1821)

d.We must never delude ourselves into thinking that physical power is a substitute for moral power, which is the true sign of national greatness. Adlai Stevenson, speech, Hartford, Connecticut, September 18, 1952

e.Can ethics be taught? At some point in life, ethics must be taught. People are not born with innate desires to be ethical or to be concerned with the welfare of others. Dr. Katherine Smith and Dr. L. Murray Smith

f.I believe we are the sum total of all that we do, i.e., what we do is who we are. This is true because as adults we make deliberate choices in our actions. Therefore, our actions describe our inner selves, what sacrifices were willing to make, what evil were willing to perpetrate. It is with awareness that we persist in negative, ugly, and destructive deeds in one or more areas. Our actions are the blueprint of our character. Dr. Laura Schlessinger

g.When the Nazis came to power, I looked to the universities that prided themselves upon their intellectual freedom, and they failed me. I looked to the German press, which prided itself on the freedom of the press, and it failed me. Until at last the churches stood alone, and that for which I once had little regard earned my respect. Albert Einstein, after World War II

h.To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. Abraham Lincoln

i.The purpose of ethics in business is to direct business men and women to abide by a code of conduct that facilitates, if not encourages, public confidence in their products and services. Dr. Katherine Smith and Dr. L. Murray Smith

j.To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice. Confucius

Thesis on the topic the main types of investment products. custom essay help: custom essay help

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic the main types of investment products. All these four asset classes have their own combination of growth and risk associated with it. The asset allocation strategy of an investor among the various asset classes is influenced by a multitude of factors and is as much art as it is science. While investors with more risk appetite will opt for equity-based investment products, an investor who prefers stability or in other words is a risk-averse will prefer Debt/Fixed income investment tools more.

However, financial companies have designed investment products that are not pure-play Equity/Fixed income/Cash instruments but are hybrid in nature and have varied components of equity, debt and cash instruments.

Pooled investments are managed by professional fund managers and are considered to be safer for individual investors. These pooled investments have exposure to almost all asset classes to spread risk, maintain growth rate and liquidity.

Stock represents a part of ownership in a firm. Buying stock of a given company is equivalent to being a part owner of the company, and the investor, in essence, becomes part owner of all future earning of the company. The value of an investment in stock is dependent on the performance of the company. If the company performs well, the value of the investment goes, and vice versa. Investment in stock entails higher risk as compared to other investment products like fixed income/debt/bonds and cash instruments. Additionally, money invested in stock has lower liquidity as compared to other products. However, the possible upside of investment in stock is much higher as compared to other investment products. Investment in stock should be done only after proper research on the company, its future prospects, the market it is operating in and other factors influencing the company.

It is very strongly recommended to invest in a group of companies (portfolio) rather than investing in a single company. By investing in companies from different domains and with varied market capitalization, the inherent risk can be substantially managed. However, developing and managing a well spread out portfolio requires a good amount of research, insight and constant tracking that may be difficult for an individual investor.

One of the best ways of avoiding this effort is by investing in Mutual Funds. A Mutual fund is an investment company or a trust in which investors pool their funds and invest them in a wide variety of securities. (District Human Resources, n.d.)


Remedies and replacements of trustees college essay help free

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on remedies and replacements of trustees. A variant of this type of trust is an accumulation and maintenance trust, which is also termed as a grandchildren’s trust. Its use is to benefit a particular child or children who are under a specified age, when they become entitled to the income by right and frequently to the capital also.

The trust deed, at times will give the trustees certain discretionary powers permitting them to decide as to which of the beneficiaries will receive the income or capital of the trust. The trust deed generally gives clear instructions as to the trustees’ administrative powers for routinely dealing with trust property.

In our case, since, the trust deed is silent with regard to the administrative powers of the Trust the law will take its own course for proper administration of the trust. Seven years ago, Cathy took 50,000 from the trust and used it on a new kitchen and a conservatory. If the trustee becomes bankrupt or dies, or the trustee transfers assets in breach of trust then the beneficiaries have the right to claim their equitable ownership of the trust assets against the trustee’s trustee in bankruptcy in other words the individual appointed by the court who takes charge of a bankrupt person’s assets, or his personal representative on death, or the transferee of trust assets transferred in breach of trust. Two of Georgina’s grandchildren who were alive at her death, namely Estelle, now aged 21 years and Peter, now aged 23 years came to know that the Trust property was misappropriated by Cathy. Since, seven years ago Estelle and Peter were minors and also they came to know about this fraud only recently, the limitation for claiming their rights begins from the day from which they came to know about this fraud. Hence, they can proceed against Cathy’s court appointed trustee in order to recover 50,000.

In Barnes v Addy, it was held that a third party may be liable as constructive trustee if it “receives and becomes chargeable with some part of the trust property” , this is known as the first limb or knowing receipt or where they “assist with knowledge in a dishonest and fraudulent design on the part of the trustees”, this is termed as the second limb or knowing assistance. which held that tracing, may provide a proprietary remedy to the plaintiff along with the personal liability of the defendant including return of property (Barnes v Addy, 1874).

The beneficiaries’ interest in the trust money binds not only Cathy but also her successors in title, including volunteers who either receive trust property or its traceable proceeds. Hence the trust amounts paid to Bob by Cathy can be fully recovered at the suit of the beneficiaries. The remedy available to Estelle and Peter is that they can move the court to transfer the Tippit shares, in which Bob had invested their trust money, and hand over the painting for value to them. Bob invested the amount of 40,000, which was given by Cathy under the pretext that she had won the amount in a lottery.

Bob added 20,000 of his money to the bank account without knowing the fraud committed by Cathy. Since he is an innocent third party his liability is limited to the amounts given to him by Cathy. In 2004 Bob withdrew 20,000 and bought a painting whose value is 5,000 at present.

Article Balanced Scorecard college essay help los angeles: college essay help los angeles

I will pay for the following article Balanced Scorecard: An Approach for Application in Public Sector Organisation. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. With a view to measuring a firm’s activities in terms of its vision and strategies and to give the manager’s a comprehensive view of the performance of a business, a concept which is described as Balanced Scorecard was introduced by Robert S. Kaplan and David Norton in the year 1992. There have been several studies conducted on the subject of Balanced Scorecard to develop the concept adaptable to the changing circumstances and needs of the organizations.

Cancer Medical Therapy Paper rice supplement essay help

Assessment Brief
Instructions for Assignment.
Your written report should be in the form of an essay (max 2500 word +/- 10%) with the title CD19
as a target for cancer therapy.
Important note: You may find useful information in your lectures for this module, however you
must cite the primary reference sources for this information and not the lecture.
Your report must show critical evaluation of relevant published data, and demonstrate an awareness
of both strengths and limitations associated with CD19 as a target for therapy.
Guidance on the Report Structure.
Your report should contain a title page providing the assignment name, module number and name,
your candidate number (not your name), and the word count of your report (excluding reference
Your report can be structured as you wish with sub-headings of your choice.
Figures may be used if desired. If a figure is included, it must be numbered, contain an appropriate
figure legend, and should be referred to within the main text of your report. Look at published
scientific papers for examples of how figures should be formatted.
Your report should contain a reference list at the end, which lists all the reference sources you have
cited, using a Harvard style format as shown below.
General Information About Report Format.
x The report needs to be type written.
x The report should be written in Arial 11 point or Calibri 11 point font with 1.5 line spacing.
Microsoft default page margins (2.54 cm for each edge) is recommended. All pages must be
numbered. Text in the report should not be split into multiple columns.
x The word count should be not more than 2500 words +/- 10%, excluding the reference list.
A word count for the main body of the text must be included on the front page.
Format of citation in main text.
For one author: (Rooney, 1998).
For two authors: (Rooney & Cole, 2001).
Assessment Brief
For three or more authors: (Rooney et al., 2010).
For more than one citation at one point within the text, by year of publication:
Previous data shows the sport gene is a transmembrane protein (Hou et al., 2005;
Johne et al., 2005; Johne et al., 2006; Allander et al., 2007; Gaynor et al., 2007).
For more than one citation by the same author in the same year: (Jones & Smith,
2003a; Jones & Smith, 2003b).
Format of full reference in the reference section.
Referencing a journal article:
Rooney W, Cole AS, Gerrard S, Lampard F, and Capello F. Tactics to ensure that you
will not win the World Cup International Journal of Sporting Failures, 2010; vol. 22,
no. 1, pp. 23-29.
Referencing a book chapter:
Cole, C. N. & Conzen, S. D. (2001). Polyomaviridae: the viruses and their replication.
In Fields Virology, 4th edn, pp. 21412174. Edited by D. M. Knipe, P. M. Howley, D.
E. Griffin, R. A. Lamb, M. A. Martin, B. Roizman & S. E. Straus. Philadelphia, PA:
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Grading Rubric
Distinction (70-100%) Merit (60-69%) Pass (50-59%) Weak (40-49%) Poor (1-39%)
Critical evaluation
and discussion.
A detailed and focussed
review of CD19 as a
target and the relative
strengths and limitations
of different therapeutic
approaches, which
shows a deep critical
evaluation of the data
and the cited literature.
A detailed and focussed
review of CD19 as a
target and the relative
strengths and limitations
of different therapeutic
approaches. There is
evidence that
appropriate published
data has been evaluated,
but the evaluation is
sometimes rather
Some aspects of CD19 as
a target and the relative
strengths and limitations
of the different
therapeutic approaches
are well considered.
However, key points are
missing and there is a
lack of critical evaluation
of the supporting
Very limited, but still
largely accurate, review
of CD19 as a target and
the relative strengths
and limitations of the
different therapeutic
Limited review CD19 as a
target and the relative
strengths and limitations
of the different
therapeutic approaches
showing considerable
errors and lack of
Use of literature
and referencing.
Arguments are
supported using a broad
range of primary sources.
Correct formatting of
citations and reference
list used throughout.
Most of the arguments
presented are supported
using a broad range of
primary sources. Correct
formatting of citations
and reference list used
A reasonable range of
primary literature is
accessed, but some of
the arguments made are
not supported by
appropriate references.
Citations and reference
list provided, but with
some omissions or
formatting errors.
Some key primary
sources cited, but use of
literature is limited and
incomplete. Citations
and reference list
provided, but with
omissions or formatting
Lack, or limited range, of
literature cited, with
considerable reliance on
secondary sources.
Incorrect use of
referencing format.
Grading Rubric
expression and
Written expression is
clear and concise.
Arguments are put
forward succinctly and
the structure of the piece
is well-planned, wellthought out and logical,
enhancing its readability.
Written expression is
clear but could be more
concise. Report is
generally well structured
but could benefit from
better use of informative
sub-headings and clearer
highlighting of key
Written expression is
mostly clear and
arguments can be
followed without undue
difficulty. The structure
of the work is
satisfactory but planning
could have been more
thorough in parts.
Written expression
makes some of the
arguments difficult to
access. The structure is
somewhat fragmented
and material is not
presented efficiently.
Evidence of lack of care
in planning.
Writing style causes
considerable difficulty
following arguments.
Lack of effective
structure to report.

William C Overfelt High School Strong Sentences law essay help

Strong Sentences: First, review the Strong Sentences packet. Then rewrite the passage about President Abraham Lincoln, observing the principles of sentence focus that we have studied.

1. Instructions: Review the Strong Sentences packet concerning the three principles of good sentence focus:

1. use active voice,
2. use personal and concrete nouns as subjects for your sentences,
3. eliminate unnecessary there + to be structures.

Then revise the paragraphs below, keeping the focus on Lincoln. Some sentences may contain two or more clauses that need stronger focus, while others may be fine as they are written.

Note: If a sentence is poorly focused with a passive verb, the actual subject may not be stated in the sentence. If a sentence does not seem to contain a logical subject, you may need to assume or create a subject for that sentence.


Abraham Lincoln is judged by many historians as the greatest President in American history because of the way leadership was exercised by him during the Civil War.

The son of a Kentucky frontiersman, Lincoln had to struggle for a living and for learning. There were extraordinary efforts made by Lincoln to attain knowledge while working on a farm, splitting rails for fences, and keeping store at New Salem, Illinois. There were eight years spent by him in the Illinois legislature. His law partner said of him, “His ambition was a little engine that knew no rest.”

When he was President, the Republican Party was built by him into a strong national organization. Further, he rallied most of the northern Democrats to the Union cause. On January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation was issued by him; it declared that those slaves within the Confederacy would be forever free. Lincoln never let the world forget that the Civil War involved an even larger issue. This was stated by him most movingly when he dedicated the military cemetery at Gettysburg: “that these dead shall not have died in vain–that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom–and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

There was a re-election won by Lincoln in 1864, as the Union military heralded an end to the war. In his planning for peace, the President was flexible and generous, encouraging Southerners to lay down their arms and join speedily in reunion.

On Good Friday, April 14, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth, an actor, who somehow thought he was helping the South.

–Adapted from The Presidential biographies on


2. Read Chapter 7 Deductive and Inductive Argument from Writing Logically, Thinking Critically

Now reread the discussion of inductive versus deductive reasoning on page 149.

Identify each sample (taken from this Chapter 7 text of Writing Logically, Thinking Critically) as an example of inductive or deductive reasoning.

I. Inductive or Deductive reasoning:




All men are mortal.
Socrates is a man
Socrates is mortal.

II. Inductive or Deductive reasoning:




He has fed me today.
He has fed me this next day.
He has fed me this day too.
He has fed me yet another day
He will feed me tomorrow.
Explain the difference in the type of reasoning. Do you find any flaws?


III. Inductive or Deductive reasoning:




All students who complete this course successfully will fulfill the critical thinking requirement.
Jane has completed this course successfully.
Jane has fulfilled the critical thinking requirement.

IV. Inductive or Deductive reasoning:




Children born on a Saturday will “work hard for a living.”
Nick was born on a Saturday.
Nick will work hard for his living.


V. Inductive or Deductive reasoning: _____________________________________________________

Explain: ________________________________________________________________________________

Droughts have been more frequent in some areas.
Skin cancers related to ultraviolet rays have been increasing.
The tree line is moving north about 40 meters a year.
Polar ice has been melting more rapidly than in the past.
Oceans have been rising at measurable annual rates around the globe.
Clearly, global warming is upon us

3. What is the problem with the reasoning below, also an example from our text, Writing Logically, Thinking Critically?

“Newspaper columnist Jon Carroll ‘remember[s] one [East Coast] writer who came to California, stayed in the Beverly Hills Hotel for three days and concluded that all Californians were stupid, narcissistic and in the movie business.”

4. What does this example from our text illustrate?

“The world is fluid. Bias and randomness can creep in from all directions. For example, between 1966 and 1995 there were 47 acupuncture studies conducted in Japan Taiwan and China, and they all found it to be an effective therapy. There were 94 studies in the U.S., Sweden and Britain, and only 56 percent showed benefits. The lesson is not to throw out studies, but to never underestimate the complexity of the world.

5. Please explain the difference between correlation and causation (p. 180 of Writing Logically, Thinking Critically) and give an example of each.

Medicine and Pharmacology Assignment essay help services: essay help services

Write 19 pages with APA style on Medicine and Pharmacology. Mefloquine HCl is available as 250-mg tablets (equivalent to 228.0 mg of the free base). The presence of food significantly enhances the rate and extent of absorption. About 98% of the drug binds to protein. Mefloquine is excreted mainly in the bile and feces. therefore, no dose adjustment is needed in persons with renal insufficiency. The drug and its main metabolite are not appreciably removed by hemodialysis. No special chemoprophylactic dosage adjustments are indicated for dialysis patients to achieve plasma concentrations similar to those in healthy persons. Pharmacokinetic differences have been detected between various ethnic populations. In practice, however, these are of minor importance compared with host immune status and parasite sensitivity. In patients with impaired liver function, the elimination of mefloquine may be prolonged, leading to higher plasma levels (U.S.A Food and Drug Administration Guide for Larium 2003).

Mefloquine should be used with caution in individuals participating in activities requiring alertness and fine-motor coordination e.g., driving, piloting aircraft, operating machinery, and deep-sea diving. If the drug is to be administered for a prolonged period, periodic evaluations are recommended, including liver function tests and ophthalmic examinations. Sleep abnormalities such as insomnia, abnormal dreams have occasionally been reported. Psychosis and seizures occur rarely. mefloquine should not be prescribed to patients with neuropsychiatric conditions, including depression, generalized anxiety disorder, psychosis, schizophrenia, and seizure disorder. If acute anxiety, depression, restlessness, or confusion develops during prophylaxis, these psychiatric symptoms may be considered prodromal to a more serious event, and the drug should be discontinued (Weinke et al., 1991)

Importance of the drug and relevance to the topic

Mefloquine given 250 mg of salt weekly in an adult dose has been the antimalarial prophylactic agent of choice for much of the tropics because it is usually effective against multidrug-resistant falciparum malaria and is reasonably well tolerated. Mild nausea, dizziness, fuzzy thinking, disturbed sleep patterns, vivid dreams, and malaise are relatively common. Although rare, due to its potential increased use, the occurrences of neuropsychiatric side effects have come into attention. Approximately 1 in every 10,000 recipients develops an acute reversible neuropsychiatric reaction manifested by confusion, psychosis, convulsions, or encephalopathy. Therefore questions arise whether this should be used. This is a debatable issue, and it would be worthwhile to find out research evidence on this topic (Steffen et al., 1993).

Review of Literature

Mefloquine is the most effective medicine in the prophylaxis and treatment of malaria. However, neuropsychiatric side-effects can more often be seen with the use of mefloquine compared to other anti-malaria drugs. Murai et al. (2005) studied the neuropsychiatric symptoms caused by mefloquine on report from several cases.

The End of White Christian America summary and response essay help

The objective of this paper is to synthesize course (classroom and reading) material from February 6-25 with the book The End of White Christian America by Robert P. Jones. Note: This is not a summary or critical analysis of the book, but rather a synthesis of Jones’ arguments in discourse with the lectures and courses discussion.

Using materials in this section of the course (Feb. 6-25), place the materials in conversation with Jones’ book. What kind of argument can be made about religion in America? Some possible guiding questions: How does Jones’ data integrate into class materials related to the topic of apocalyptic tendencies? How does race continue to play a significant role in the development of religion in America? What arguments can be made religion in America from the material thus far? Where are the overlaps of the materials? Where does the material diverge? What does Raboteau’s narrative tell us about religion in America that has not been covered in lectures?

Students should make arguments about the material – not merely summarize. I suggest using this format for each paragraph: Argument sentence (Example: Religion in America is _______ or Religion is complicated by). Explain what is meant by the argument. Use the lectures and primary readings to support your argument or contradict your argument. Use the book to support or contradict your argument.

Students should also include a strong thesis statement. As an example, in the first paragraph, a clear sentence might state, This paper will argue X, Y, and Z regarding religion in America.

**In-class materials must be referenced in the paper along with readings.


3-5 Pages, double-spaced
MLA Citation Formatting
1″ margins and 12 Times New Roman font
Minimum of 3 sources

Here is a link to the End of White Christian America book it is in Kindle Cloud Reader with the username and password.


Usernam: [email protected]

Password: Abcd1234

in the attached files there are the primary readings.

Note: pleas this is a SYNTHESIS paper of the end of White Christian America book not a report or research.

Pleas follow the instructions very carefully, you have to use the 3 sources i gave you the 2 reading and the book of white christian. site them in the paper pleas. i also, attached the thesis and outline.


Health Education Proposal Presentation rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

HEA 3316: Health Education Program Proposal Presentation
Instructions and Technical Guidelines
Students will present their Health Education Program Proposal Paper in PowerPoint format.
This presentation is a translation of their paper into a PowerPoint presentation which is
intended to be convincing and compelling to an audience of your peers (i.e., students in the
class). This portion of the project is less restrictive than the proposal paper and has fewer
specific guidelines, so students should be creative in achieving the guidelines listed below:
1. The presentation should be at least 15 slides long, not including the title and
References slides.
2. The students presentation should be a strong translation of their Health
Education Program Proposal Paper. This means that the important elements of
the paper are reflected in the presentation, and key arguments, ideas, and facts are
not lost or omitted. The content of the presentation should be well-articulated
(e.g., correct word usage) and well-informed (sufficient facts and evidence;
correct facts, interpretations, etc.).
3. The style of the presentation is especially important. Because this is in a different
format than the Health Education Program Proposal Paper, it should emphasize
the strengths of PowerPoint. In particular, pictures, color graphs, tables, and other
visual content which may aid in conveying the students ideas and arguments
should be included, while text should be minimized (dont just copy-paste your
proposal paper into the slides!). Further, the presentation should be at an
appropriate level for the audience not overly simplistic, but also not assuming
the audience has extensive background on the topic.
4. The formatting of the presentation is important. All the citations from the
paper should be included in the PowerPoint, and APA formatting should be
used, including in-text citations in the slides themselves and a References
slide at the end of the presentation. Elsewhere, there should be apparent
quality control typos, sloppy visuals, and other careless errors should be
avoided. The goal should be to provide a professional presentation to the
audience, and any formatting issues that detract from that should be avoided.

Supply chain management definition research essay help: research essay help

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on supply chain management definition. The service industry relies heavily on the customer experience as it is subjective and therefore introduces complexities into the supply chain. These complexities arise from the variety of goods and services demand from the customer, as they are not uniform in their demand.

Therefore the value of the supply chain always starts with customer, as they want shorter times to market for new goods and services. The customer also wants some level of customisation and personalisation to their circumstances which means the service organisation has to reduce its inventories and keep lower stock to prevent losses from unsold stock. Lower unit costs allow the service organisation to pass on a cost advantage to the customer, and this involves improving its use of existing assets in the first instance to reduce disruption to its quality advantage.

This essay will analyse a case study of Marks and Spencer and their management of the supply chain.

Social responsibilities of ship management business managers changed over the year write essay help

Write 12 pages thesis on the topic how the social responsibilities of ship management business managers changed over the years. The newly emerging container ports and terminals were ideal for the development of inventory and logistics control type computer systems and those systems have been continually updated as the container trade became more sophisticated and as the capability of computer systems advanced. Thus container shipping was one of the early industries to become heavily reliant on operational computer systems.

However, it is one thing being able to access all the information in your computer systems on your own premises, but the true benefits from technology are only really experienced to the full when you have the ability to communicate this information wherever and whenever it is needed.

State-of-the-art communications are fast becoming a necessity in today’s international freighting and transport industries. Sophisticated logistics chains, offering a fast and flexible response to customer demands, require an accurate flow of information for tracking, planning, and control.

An efficient, streamlined system such as this is essential in order to meet the demands of the “just-in-time” concepts developed by the manufacturing industry whereby every stage of the process is timed to perfection. Everything required, no more no less, is in the right place at the right time, thereby saving huge amounts of time and money associated with stock inventories. Fast and efficient planning, storage and tracking of cargo are the freighting and transport industry’s response to manufacturers’ needs. (Lakshmanan, 2001)

EDI standards were closely monitored by the industry and a message development group was set up early in the life of the EDI Association to consider new Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transportation – or trade (EDIFACT) standards for the shipping industry.

In the deep-sea trade, a single container vessel can currently carry in excess of 4,000 containers. Typically, for example, a vessel will load containers at four or five ports in Europe for discharge at any of six or more ports in the Far East and it will additionally discharge and load containers at two further ports on the way. It is, therefore, a complicated exercise to keep control of the stowage plan such that all loading ports can add their cargo to the ship efficiently and with the minimum movement of the containers already on board. Additionally, the ports where cargo is to be unloaded are required to be able to access their containers easily and without having to move other containers in the process. (Shipley, 2003)

A stowage plan of a container vessel is called a bayplan. A bayplan, in paper form, is a series of diagrams consisting of each cross-section of the ship or a list of each possible location on the ship and its contents. In EDIFACT terms, a bayplan is a UNSM called BAPLIE, which consists of a header section with information identifying the vessel and then a group of segments which is repeated for each container on board and containing relevant information about the container including its position on the ship, its loading and destination ports, the nature of the goods carried and the conditions under which it should be stowed on board.&nbsp. &nbsp.

Enhanced freedoms for the most vulnerable law essay help: law essay help

This assignment is in preparation for the second synthesis paper. The objective of the assignment is for students to outline their preliminary plans for the second synthesis.

Students should develop an opening paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention, construct a strong thesis statement, and an outline of the evidence to support their thesis claim. Students are making an argument about religion in America based solely from the evidence in The End of White Christian America, course lectures, and primary readings.

A thesis statement is like a roadmap for the paper. The thesis provides the argument and what will be developed in the paper.

Here’s an example of an opening paragraph with the thesis statement in bold:

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York’s World Trade Towers and the Pentagon, the debate surrounding racial profiling in airports intensified. Many people believed that profiling was the best way to identify possible terrorists, but many others worried about violations of civil liberties. While some airports began to target passengers based solely on their Middle Eastern origins, others instituted random searches instead. Neither of these techniques seems likely to eliminate terrorism. Now many experts in the government and in airport security are recommending the use of a national ID card or Safe Traveler Card. If every US citizen had such a card, airlines could screen for terrorists more effectively than they do now and avoid procedures that single out individuals solely on the basis of race.*

*Taken from College Writers pg. 727

As can be seen, the opening paragraph sets up the topic and moves to creating an argument.

From here, an outline could be developed like so:

I. National IDs and Safe Traveler Cards are an effective way of conducting background checks on citizens.

A. Explanation of traveler IDs.

B. How security is enhanced by previously conducted background checks.

C. Description of specific techniques utilized in background checks.

II. Studies indicate that mandating Traveling IDs has reduced the number of terrorist attacks.

A. Evidence from other countries.

B. Evidence from states in America who have adopted these IDs.

C. Information from local airport security officials (interview).

III. Not only do Traveling IDs reduce terrorist attacks, they also speed up airport security lines and reduce the number of people racially profiled.

A. Evidence of the reduced amount of profiling in states where traveling IDs are required.

B. Data from airports regarding how many people are randomly searched in security lines.

C. Enhanced freedoms for the most vulnerable.

Conclusion: Traveler IDs are a safe and effective way of providing security against terrorism, and secures individual rights more effectively.

Submissions should include the opening paragraph with the thesis statement in bold, and an outline of the paper.



Here is a link to the End of White Christian America book it is in Kindle Cloud Reader with the username and password.


Usernam: [email protected]

Password: Abcd1234


in the attached files there are the primary readings.

Note: pleas this is a SYNTHESIS paper of the end of White Christian America book not a report or research.

Pleas follow the instructions very carefully.


Listening reflection assignment paper college admission essay help houston tx

Listening Reflection Paper

Read Listen to Succeed and reflect on the value of the information. Then, write a reflection paper. What do you do well? What personal barriers and obstacles
did you discover to being a good listener?
Discuss the role of listening in parent education. Is it important? Why? How might this information change from culture to culture?

Advancement Of Structured Information Standards essay help tips

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Advancement Of Structured Information Standards. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Grid computing increases the throughput of a networked system. Various heterogeneous but networked resources across administrative boundaries can be modeled into virtual computer architecture for resource sharing. The concept of grid computing is to solve complex computational problems that can not be solved by the limited resources of a single computer or group of computers within an organization.

It is apparent from the above figure that networking technologies are more rapidly than microprocessor technology. There is always a large chunk of processing power that remains underutilized in many computer clusters. Advancement in networking technology can logically be used to club all these underutilized resources thus solving the crunch of processing power in some computing clusters and considerably reducing the processing cost.

Software complexity has been rapidly increasing in the last four decades and it has reached such a level that it became difficult to deal with. With this, the need for swiftness in response to the business requirement is also increasing. IT industry has been through various computing architectures of distributed processing for better resource utilization. This led to the evolution of various programming languages running on different platforms and a number of networking products. However, full resource integration is still very complex due to multiple development platforms.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is now considered as the next big leap in computational architecture which may help the IT industry to meet complex future needs.

The concept of SOA has been in development for a long time.

General Records of the United States Essay aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help: aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

The Emancipation Proclamation (page 1)
Record Group 11
General Records of the United States

President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, as the nation approached its third year of bloody civil war. The proclamation declared “that all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.”

Despite this expansive wording, the Emancipation Proclamation was limited in many ways. It applied only to states that had seceded from the Union, leaving slavery untouched in the loyal border states. It also expressly exempted parts of the Confederacy that had already come under Northern control. Most important, the freedom it promised depended upon Union military victory.

Although the Emancipation Proclamation did not end slavery in the nation, it captured the hearts and imagination of millions of Americans and fundamentally transformed the character of the war. After January 1, 1863, every advance of federal troops expanded the domain of freedom. Moreover, the Proclamation announced the acceptance of black men into the Union Army and Navy, enabling the liberated to become liberators. By the end of the war, almost 200,000 black soldiers and sailors had fought for the Union and freedom.

From the first days of the Civil War, slaves had acted to secure their own liberty. The Emancipation Proclamation confirmed their insistence that the war for the Union must become a war for freedom. It added moral force to the Union cause and strengthened the Union both militarily and politically. As a milestone along the road to slavery’s final destruction, the Emancipation Proclamation has assumed a place among the great documents of human freedom.

The original of the Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863, is in the National Archives in Washington, DC. With the text covering five pages the document was originally tied with narrow red and blue ribbons, which were attached to the signature page by a wafered impression of the seal of the United States. Most of the ribbon remains; parts of the seal are still decipherable, but other parts have worn off.

The document was bound with other proclamations in a large volume preserved for many years by the Department of State. When it was prepared for binding, it was reinforced with strips along the center folds and then mounted on a still larger sheet of heavy paper. Written in red ink on the upper right-hand corner of this large sheet is the number of the Proclamation, 95, given to it by the Department of State long after it was signed. With other records, the volume containing the Emancipation Proclamation was transferred in 1936 from the Department of State to the National Archives of the United States.

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Road Map Assignment
Meklit Mekonnen
Virginia Mason Medical Center
One of the largest healthcare systems in the Seattle-Tacoma area.
Cardiology specialists devoted to maximizing our patients’ quality of life.
A 20,000 square-foot birth center dedicated to providing you with a
unique birth experience.
We have nationally recognized cancer experts who provide cutting-edge
treatment and remarkable outcomes.
System Level Strategy
Below is the link for our protocols and policies
The link below will take you to Patient Rights and Responsibilities.
Virginia Mason Medical Center received a B on all 18 core culture metrics.
Industry Overview
Virginia Mason Medical Center has 5,000 total employees across
all of its locations and generates $1.12 billion in sales (USD).
There are 39 companies in the Virginia Mason Medical Center
corporate family.
A new partnership with Contessa Health to operate Home
Recovery Care.
The focus on reducing waste and improving profit margins.
Adopted the Toyota Production System as its management method
to provide a perfect patient experience possible by utilizing lean
principles, tools, and methodology.
Strategic Objective
Teamwork , Integrity , Excellence , Service
To be the
Quality leader &
transform health care
To improve the health &
Well-being of the patients we serve
Strategic objective
Improve patient experience
Tactictics: Increase patient Communication Shortening wait times
Road Map
Month 1-4
Month 5-8
Month 9-12
Increase Patient
Shortening wait
Provide Education
Engage in Shared-Decision
Minimize Barriers to Care
– More than 67% of our
patients will adhere to
their treatment plan.
– Patients will have
constant, engaging
interactions with a care
team, and personalized
care plans.
Managers will train
physicians to use
simple language.
– Our Patients will have a
better understanding of
their diagnosis and
treatment options.
More funding from
our stakeholders.
Increase telehealth
– Reduce time spent
sitting in the waiting
TimeLine #1
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Jan 9:
leaders and
Phase 1
Surveys &
Phase 2
Phase 3
Jan 26:
g the
Mar 9:
Leaders and
staff Meetings
(Bimonthly) Mar 16:
Apr 18:
May 9:
Leaders and
staff Meetings
July 9:
Leaders and
staff Meetings
Sep 9:
Leaders and
staff Meetings
Nov 9:
Leaders and staff
Oct 13:
Evaluate the
engagement of
Dec 15:
Revisit goals &
plan next steps
for future
TimeLine #2 (Training)
May 3:
All Staff register
for Training
May 15:
First Training
Slides and Article
June 5 & 12:
In-person Session
June 22:
Online Reflection
& learning session
July 4:
Second Training
slides and Article
July 18:
support and
August 5:
Practical Training
August 25:
Action planning for
the future

Compare Themes and Characters in Stand by Me and Two Short Stories gp essay help: gp essay help

Write 2 pages with APA style on Compare Themes and Characters in Stand by Me and Two Short Stories. Compare Themes and Characters in Stand by Me and Two Short Stories The common themes that will be examined in these three stories are coming of age, danger, adventure, and mystery. The longest, and therefore most complex and well-developed story is the movie Stand by Me. The evidence of coming of age in this story is that the boys defy parental authority, take on a secret and depressing mission (finding and then reporting the location of the body of a missing boy) ostensibly to gain local fame, and in so doing risk retaliation by a group of older boys who originally found the body. Along the way they must rely on their own resourcefulness, subjecting themselves to the dangers listed above, as well as the danger of one or more of them being killed by the same train that apparently killed the missing boy. Reaching the destination has the boys spending the night in an unfamiliar place, traveling through mud and leech-infested waters, all the while wondering what they will see and feel when they find the boy. That’s the real mystery: What do they really expect to get out of this in the end

The short story “Where are you going, Where have you been” is about an older teenaged girl, and describes a coming of age transition that is both sinister, tragic, and abrupt. We don’t know if Connie will “come of age” only to be the latest local rape and murder victim or missing person once she is cornered at home alone by two men who have a plan and apparently the means and determination to carry it out. This is in contrast to the gradual, almost dream-like transition to womanhood she was making in the beginning – showing herself at local hang-outs and the local mall with a group of giggly girlfriends in shorts and tinkling jewelry. It is hard to see the adventure potential in this kidnapping in progress, complete with threats to her family if she fails to cooperate, except in the most abstract sense, but what will happen to her after she voluntarily steps out of the illusory safety of her house to be taken to an unknown destination and be subjected to an unknown fate that she doesn’t have the power to control is also a mystery. What will she experience, and how will it affect her as a person – assuming she survives

“Fish Cheeks” is the most benign of the three stories. The main character, a Chinese-American teenaged girl, has a crush on the minister’s son, and to her horror her parents have invited his family over for Christmas Eve dinner – Chinese style. It is no longer possible to conceal her non-American side. In her extreme self-consciousness, she views everything her mother prepares and everything her family does through the presumed negative view of the visitors. The danger here is psychological, having to view her family as not only different but deficient, to have a carefully maintained boundary between her public persona and her family life obliterated, to have her dreams of being Americanized and her loyalty for her family placed in opposition. It’s an adventure in the sense that she will be revealed in the most honest way possible to these outsiders, and she knows her relationship with her American friends will never be the same. The mystery is a subtle one: Up until the end of the story, we don’t know that all foods were purposely chosen by her mother because they were the daughter’s favorites. Her mother used this dinner to showcase her daughter as she was without giving in to cultural pressure to be otherwise. But the gift of the skirt showed her mother also understood the importance to a young girl of at least being able to conform superficially to her adopted culture.

Works Cited

Oates, Joyce Carol. “Where are you going, Where have you been” Handout.

Stand by Me. Dir. Rob Reiner. Perf. Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Jerry

O’Connell. Columbia, 2000.

Tan, Amy. “Fish Cheeks.” Handout.

Current Trends in the Tobacco Industry essay help online free: essay help online free

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Current Trends in the Tobacco Industry. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Due to this threat, the customer base is decreasing and hence several steps are being taken by cigarette manufacturers to alleviate the harm. Another trend is the need for portraying a socially responsible picture for the consumers. The use of technology in customer identifications and analysis is becoming popular while using IT in the operations to manage the organizations better is another trend that is been seen more often.

British American Tobacco is the most globalization brand in the world. The brand has millions of diverse customers across the globe, with access to over 180 markets globally, and makes the best quality tobacco products. The brand commits its customers to always be indulged in principles of corporate social responsibility, a practice kept running through out the group. Known brands include Pall Mall, Dunhill, Lucky Strike, and Kent (

However, the global politics is not the same as the local one, rather absolute differential, therefore, extra care needs to be taken since British American Tobacco mainly exports to some 180+ countries

SW presents the internal scenario of the organization, matched against the existing or anticipated external OT provides a plan for the future course of action.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Gibbs Cycle Used to Facilitate Learning. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The student displayed the use of “Bandura (1977 cited in Quinn 1997) Social Learning” to address this skill. Social learning occurs when an individual learns something by observing another person doing it, called “learning by modelling” (Quinn 1997).

A teaching plan was developed indicating the methods to be used to attain the skill (Appendix 2). And, the student had an opportunity to learn when she was placed within an Accident and Emergency Department. If the learning environment is not of an optimum standard then it can inhibit the whole learning process (Boud 1988).

An initial assessment was completed prior to the student performing the targeted skill so that the level of prior knowledge was documented in advance. The student then moved on to the practical aspect of their learning. In gaining this background information the student’s perception will go from thinking they are dependent on the teacher to becoming dependent upon themselves. This is because it encourages the student to be actively responsible for their own learning rather than taking a passive role (Welsh & Swann 2002). It is a motivator for the student to learn and develop their confidence and the ability to become a critical thinker (Morgan 2005). After having the opportunity to integrate both theory and practice in a teaching session they then became a competent practitioner (Morgan 2005). For the student, the best way of translating theory into practice is to be receptive to learning within a practical setting (Hinchliff 1999). Skinner’s theory that practical learning can be strengthened is a behaviourist approach to stimulus and response (1954).

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President Lincoln’s goal for reconstruction remained linked to his goal in the war-preserve the Union. His plan favored leniency, in order to as quickly as possible reintegrate the south, and gain the support of Southern Unionists (mostly former Whigs). Radical Republicans urged a much harsher course, believing that the south was unrepentant and should bear the costs of Reconstruction.

In order to prepare you must complete the following readings:

Review the section in Chapter 17 which discusses the Black Codes, and the linked document, taken from the writings of William A. DunningClick for more options .
Review the relevant sections of Chapter 18: The Southern Burden and Life in the New South.
Review and identify relevant information on the linked PBS American Experience site, Reconstruction The Second Civil War
Utilize at least one of the linked sources to support your discussion.
Identify and incorporate at least one additional outside source to support your discussion. In addition to the textbook, you may use any material outside of the textbook
that is recommended in the Additional Reading section at the end of each chapter. You are also encouraged to do your own research and identify relevant sources. Please keep in mind that WIKIPEDIA is not an acceptable reference.
Write a well-organized essay addressing the following question:

In your opinion, were the Radical Republicans correct in their assumptions regarding the South, or could Lincoln’s approach have paved the way for a continuation of the political, social, and economic gains that African Americans had achieved during reconstruction?

Write an article on strategies for successful writing best college essay help

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on strategies for successful writing Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! That being the Uniform Commercial Code’s Section 2 on Sales. I needed to mention this because a sales contract covers many aspects of law, and are governed by different laws. As a contract, it must be governed and validly enforced under the provisions of contract law.

First, the chart on slide 2 is indeed based on Exhibit 10.1, page 244 of the textbook, and states elements of a contract. This is slightly inaccurate, since the chart shows the essence of a contract and the steps for creation, rather than elements per se.

Second, the same chart is slightly off with regard to Exhibit 10.1, in the sense that sub-box containing the terms, “beween competent parties involving lawful subject matter”. In the Exhibit the box is shown as a shared characteristic of both offer and acceptance, showing that this is an essential characteristic that must exist under both the offer and acceptance stage. In the presentation, it is shown only under the offer stage. Indeed this seems a small issue, but to be technically correct, should have been more accurate.

Lastly, under the list of circumstances when “a contract may be voided” under slide 6, the last point states that “lawful-not violating state, federal, or common law”. This is in effect contradicting the topic at hand, because it states that a contract may be voided because it is lawful, when it should state that a contract is valid when it does not violate law.

What did you learn most about this topic that was unclear or unknown before

Contract law is always a multi-faceted topic, and states a number of new concepts and principles. This presentation helped me understand more of the definitions of the characteristics within the contract’s creation, such as negotiation, offer and acceptance, and consideration.

Were any of your questions about this topic left unanswered If so, what are they

There were some unanswered questions, which I stated above, relating to the aspects of sales in the presentation. Especially since the topic was sales contracts, the presenter could have economized more on time by minimizing the discussion on contracts and focusing more on sales.

*Adapted from Reinking, J. A., Hart, A. W., & Von der Osten, R. (2003).

Strategies for successful writing: A rhetoric, research guide, reader, and

handbook (6th ed.). Boston: Prentice-Hall/Pearson Custom Publishing.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Linguistic Commentary. It needs to be at least 1000 words. As Professor Christopher John Poutain (2005) explains it, there can be three types of linguistic acceptable variations: “Acceptability may vary with a number of factors, including place (DIATOPIC variation), social group (DIASTRATIC variation) or time (DIACHRONIC variation).” In the present case, we have a diastratic variation as the boss represents a social group a lot different from the workers’ group. We can see that their Spanish is quite different even though they seem to understand each other very well. As we know, the concept of linguistic competence means in pragmatic terms that there is no register better than others as long as communication is established among them.

In this fragment we can note a great difference between the boss’ Spanish and the workers’ Spanish. Spanish is a language of constant changes as Professor John M. Lipski (n. d.) stated in one of his papers: “Spanish -a language spoken on every continent- is the product not only of its Peninsular heritage and of internal evolution, but also of a variety of language contacts, with indigenous languages, languages of forced immigration (the slave trade), and of voluntary immigration.” The present fragment is a good example of the many changes that Spanish has experienced along the years.

The Emancipation Proclamation Paper custom essay help: custom essay help

The paper should support a thesis statement with information gained from research or investigation.

The paper will not be just a report presenting information but will be a paper that carefully examines and presents your own historical interpretation of the topic you have chosen and your interpretation of the information you have gathered.

The paper may include consideration of problems and solutions, definition of key terms, or may refute arguments against your thesis statement.
It will be important to choose a topic of interest to you.
Approach this assignment with an open and skeptical mind, then form an opinion based on what you have discovered.
You must suspend beliefs while you are investigating and let the discoveries shape your opinion. (This is a thesis-finding approach.)

Once you have found your thesis, write the paper to support it.

You will use some of the following critical thinking skills in this process:
Choosing an appropriate topic, limiting the topic.
Gathering information, summarizing sources.
Analyzing and evaluating sources.

Defining key terms.

Synthesizing information, comparing and contrasting sources.
Testing a thesis, making a historical argument, using refutation.
Amassing support for a position.
Documenting sources.
Because this may be a longer paper than you have written before and a complex process is involved, it is recommended that you complete this paper using the following steps:
1. Choose a topic related to U.S. History up to 1877 (Chapters 1-15) that you would truly like to explore and that you are willing to spend some time on. Your chosen topic should be focused. Don’t try to take on some huge topic. For example, “Slavery in America” or “The American Revolution” are enormous with many issues involved. Where does it stop? Instead look at a specific aspect of slavery or the Revolution, at a specific moment. Pose a question that you really want to answer. You may want to begin with more than one topic in mind.

Birth of Freedom Discussion Questions writing an essay help

Compose a thoughtful answer to one of the questions. (I recommend you do this in a word processing program and then cut and paste your answer into the discussion forum).
Begin with a clear thesis statement (argument) that directly answers the question.
Next, develop TWO concrete examples drawn from TWO different assigned course materials.
Please cite each of your sources using a simple parenthetical citation form, including author’s last name, abbreviated title, and page. E.g.: (Foner, GML, 486).
Answers must be at least 200 words in length. Please use full sentences.
In his Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln argued that the Civil War would lead to a “new birth of freedom” for the United States. Looking back from the end of the Reconstruction in 1876, was he right? Do you think he would have been satisfied with the results of Reconstruction? Why or why not?

The concept of astroturf relationship professional essay help: professional essay help

Jenkins claims that convergence is about the relationships between media convergence, participatory culture, and collective intelligence. What do these three concepts mean, both individually and in relation to teach other?

When Jenkins says that convergence is both a top-down and a bottom-up process; what does he mean?

What does Jenkins mean by the black box fallacy? How many black boxes (media-related devices) do you have in your home today?

On page 287, Jenkins refers to the concept of “astroturf” — what does he mean by this, and what are the implications for human rights issues and advocates?

How does Jenkins describe “critical utopians” vs. “critical pessimists”? Which would he identify with? Do you agree? Why or why not?

Is convergence an inevitable reality for media today? Why or why not?

As always, these prompts are intended only to get the ball rolling; feel free to diverge from them as you wish.

Exploring the coming of the Civil War college essay help online: college essay help online

Unit 6 Essay:
The Coming of the Civil War


This essay will explore the coming of the Civil War by examining two speeches given just prior to the start of the Civil War: John Smith Preston’s speech to the Virginia state legislature, and Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address. Both represent two very different perspectives about the nature of the Union and who is responsible for dividing the nation. Your goal will be to read through both speeches and discuss the major themes and arguments made in each document.


John Smith Preston on Secession

Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address, 1861

You will read the above two speeches (John Smith Preston, Abraham Lincoln), and answer all of the following questions in your essay:

a) JOHN PRESTON SMITH: Is it legal for southern states to secede from the Union? What has the North done to cause southern states to leave the Union?


b) ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Can states break away (secede) from the Union? Why or Why not? What are Lincoln’s views toward the South? What are his duties as President of the United Sates?

Your essay should be a minimum of 2 pages, and you should spend AT LEAST one page discussing EACH position (one page discussing the Preston perspective and one page discussing the Lincoln perspective). Remember, two pages is the minimum, and minimum essays normally score a C. If you want a higher grade, plan to be comprehensive in your coverage of the readings (there is no maximum page limit). Your answer should reflect the main points from both readings, and use examples from the documents to illustrate your main points.

Be sure to proof your essay before submitting it as errors in grammar and spelling will lead to a deduction in points. Use quotations when using the exact wording from the reading and cite the reading at the end of the sentence [ex: if you quoted from the Lincoln reading, simply put (Lincoln, 2) at the end of the sentence which shows me which document and page the quote is from]. As per the instructions in the syllabus, most of the essay should be in your own words and include your own analysis of the readings. I would encourage you to re-read the section in the syllabus that addresses expectations for essays.

Use only the above sources for this assignment: DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. If you do, you will receive a 0 for the assignment. Your essay should be uploaded as Word document (no PDF files).

User generated content is uploaded by users for the purposes of

Article on Shirley Jackson’s short story the lottery essay help cheap

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on shirley jackson’s short story the lottery Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Shirley Jackson’s short story The Lottery is a story of blind disobedience (or we might call it “group-think that evokes a strong emotional reaction. The situation in which the seemingly innocent villagers find themselves is at once alien but also strangely familiar. The Lottery is a gruesome depiction of modern life. It is a story that affords an uncomfortable and unforgettable shock of recognition, which makes it a stand out piece of literature.

In the story. the villagers are caught in a social trap (which could have been avoided with enough motivation). There is the conflict–the inner feelings of the villagers about the lottery, conflicting with their desire to conform. This is one thematic aspect of this story. it is an allusion to the universal human experience of “group-think,” where the mindless directive of tradition and prevailing superstition dominates in the face of rationality. “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon,” Old man Warner says, verbalizing the belief that is the foundation of the practice of the lottery.

The symbolism of the “ruling class,” or more specifically, the capitalists, is characterized by the three men who hold power in the small town. There is a rigid division of labor, which is apparent even in the behavior of the children. This is actually still within the context of “group-think.” The story not just speaks of “modern society”, but any society that one finds himself in (be it a society of two). It is natural for humans to succumb to the pressure of conformity, and this is the flaw that Jackson addresses. The way villagers accept the lottery is in direct relation to the way people in modern society live in the murky shadow of tradition. Even those who inwardly oppose the lottery do not have the motivation to actively denounce it. Even the village children conform to the ideology that victimizes them all. The children are even uneasy about freedom: “The feeling of liberty sat uneasily on most of them”.

And then there is the paradox of the “evolution” of the lottery. The lottery has gradually become modernized to accommodate practical demands, and the rituals that originally went with the lottery are no more, but the irrelevant practice is kept alive.

Tessie Hutchinson, the victim of the stoning at the end of tho story, arrives late for the lottery. Tessie protests against the lottery openly, but only after discovering that she is the one to be stoned. Also, a couple mentions that other villages are either talking of giving up the lottery, or have already done so, but they do not directly suggest that their village do so as well. They uneasily exist with the prospect of arbitrary death, but are helpless to combat it.

The denouement, resolution, and climax of the story arrive almost simultaneously. The purpose of the Lottery is revealed. There is palpable tension until the climax, when everyone discovers that Tessie Hutchinson has the paper with the black dot.

There is actually no one character that can be said to be the protagonist or antagonist of this story–the events and the experience happen to everyone, and everyone is involved in the same way as far as the lottery is concerned (of course, there is still the difference in the experiences of the “ruling class”–Summers, Martin, and Graves–and that of the ordinary villagers). In the very process of drawing lots, there is the suggestion of a democracy, but it is a false democracy where the villagers are obliged to kill one of their members.

This blind conformity is the human tragedy that affects us all. It is as Jackson states: we live with “pointless violence and general inhumanity”.

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SafeAssign Originality ReportRadio.Proced., Radio.Position. Topic Paper 4/12/22 Submitted on Tue, Apr 12, 2 DANIELA OTERO GIL View Report SummaryView Report Summary

View Originality Report – Old Design

Word Count: Submitted on: Submission UUID: Attachment UUID:

723 04/12/22 50679be0-c37f-5071-6bb0-eee57114f5a9 25a8fc3f-9b18-4ffa-2339-2046218cb766

4/12/22, 7:33 PM Page 1 of 5



GlobalGlobaldatabasedatabase(4)(4) %

InstitutionalInstitutionaldatabasedatabase(2)(2) %%6

InternetInternet (1) (1) %%4 TopTopsourcessources

AdditiAdditi EconomicsImp

% 1


Economics Impacts of COVID-19 on Radiology Prac-


Student Name: Daniela Otero

Florida National University Professor: Ana Rivera

Economics Impacts of COVID-19 on Radiology Prac-


Globally, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 epidemics has had a significant and long-lasting effect on all aspects of medical care, necessitating operational realign- ment, allocation of resources and the rapid adoption of nanotechnologies and workflows by healthcare or- ganizations around the world. The pandemic has placed an unprecedented pressure on medical care workers, who have had to cope with a large amount of scientific knowledge that is constantly changing in the wake of SARS. -CoV-2 (Al-Jabir et al., 202). Radi- ologists have been instrumental in the diagnosis and care of COVID-19 patients. Nonetheless, radiology fa- cilities have encountered parallel issues in optimizing departmental protection while safely providing critical diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients as well as mitigating the danger of COVID-19 spread inside the facilities. The essential policy response to contain its spread, as well as the subsequent downstream





4/12/22, 7:33 PM Page 2 of 5

its spread, as well as the subsequent downstream

consequences, have had enormous negative conse- quences for the economy, with economic activity in numerous sectors disappearing as a result. The COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant economic effect on radiology practices around the nation. Policy actions implemented to slow the spread of illness are reducing the demand for imaging services, regardless of whether or not COVID-19 is in effect (Cavallo et al., 2020). Preparedness efforts at hospitals to increase crisis capacity have resulted in a reduction in the amount of relevant diagnostic imaging which can be conducted safely. Whilst economic recessions often result in a reduction in health-care spending, radiolo- gy companies have never suffered an economic downturn that was compounded by the desire to re- strict access to imaging services at the same time. In- dividual behavior and federal policy responses are driving forces behind the demand for health-care ser- vices. The suspension of college, high school, and public athletics has led to the reduction in psychologi- cal trauma. Distancing guidelines help to reduce the spread of other infectious diseases, like influenza, among people. The health-care delivery infrastruc- tures have a direct impact on the availability of health-care services. Hospitals are actively increasing the number of basic and emergency care beds avail- able to patients. Essential resources, like personal protective equipment (PPE) and medications, must be kept and procured, and this can be done at a high cost, often exceeding $100,000 (Cavallo et al., 2020). Aside from that, hospitals must be wary of the possi- bility that they may unknowingly exacerbate local in-

4/12/22, 7:33 PM Page 3 of 5

bility that they may unknowingly exacerbate local in-

fections. Several radiologists, including interns, are being reassigned to different positions within the healthcare continuum as a result of this restructuring. These approaches free up material resources for bed extension, prevent the usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) that will be required to care for COVID-19 patients, and reduce the risk for future transmission. The degree to which these macro- economic recession impacts on reimbursement will manifest themselves in the future will be decided by the course that the economy follows during its recov- ery. The American College of Radiology (ACR) has ac- cepted recommendations from the Centers for Dis- ease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the rescheduling of non-urgent outpatient appointments (Al-Jabir et al., 202). The largest effect will be felt in screening services, but the consequences will be felt all through the profession, particularly interventional operations. It should come as no surprise that scan- ning volumes are already declining. Outpatient imag- ing has witnessed the most dramatic decline, al- though reduced imaging volumes have indeed been noted in the emergency room and inpatient environ- ment as a result of the trend. Whereas these decreas- es will have an effect on all radiology operations, out- patient oriented radiology groups will suffer the big- gest loss of revenue as a result of these changes. Be- cause outpatient imaging clients are more likely to be economically insured and have a reduced impression of their condition, outpatient imaging offers the most

attractive revenue profile. References

4/12/22, 7:33 PM Page 4 of 5

Al-Jabir, A., Kerwan, A., Nicola, M., Alsafi, Z., Khan, M., Sohrabi, C.,… & Agha, R. (2020). Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on surgical prac- tice-Part 2 (surgical prioritisation). International jour- nal of surgery, 79, 233-248. Cavallo et al., (2020, April 15). The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on radiology practices. Retrieved April 11, 2022, from https://pub-

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Compose a 2500 words assignment on public infrastructure services. Needs to be plagiarism free! 2006)

A projection of change in highway user costs against the proposed investments in 2022 (Source: Report to Congress by US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration. The Secretary of Transportation. 2006)

Annual Highway Fatalities – A linear projection by ARTBA, USA and Estimated Road Fatalities in USA due to Road Conditions and Outdated Alignments (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and ARTBA, USA. 2003)

The Transport System and other Public Infrastructure Services are deployed by the Government in collaboration with Private sectors for the well being of the people of a country. As defined by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the public infrastructure services comprises of Aviation, Bridges, Dams, Railways, Roads, Drinking Water, Gas, Energy, Communications, Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal, Waterways, Recreation Areas & Parks, Schools, Colleges & Professional Training Institutions, Public Protection & Security, Religion & Community Centers, Hospitals & Healthcare, Solid Waste Management, Transportation & Transit, and Wastewater management. These Infrastructure Services are primarily established for the People of a country and hence human health & safety is the primary concern in design and deployment of the services.

Most of the citizens of America and the politicians think that Public Health is all about providing adequate number of hospitals and clinical services to the citizens. These facilities are reactive modes of ensuring health as they are normally consulted when the impacts have already happened. What about the proactive measures required ensuring that the impacts to health & safety are minimized Again, the so called proactive measures are not only about reducing the probability of infections. There are a number of other factors that need to be considered. In a country the well being of the citizens and the corresponding impact on mental & physical health & safety are dependent upon the following factors (Source: TurningPoint, 2002):

Social Determinants of Health

Environmental Health

Occupational Health

Behavioural Health

Oral Health

Health Services for General Population

Health Services for Underserved

Community Assets


Economic Development

Public Safety

The well being of citizens is not primarily the Government’s responsibility.

Significance of religion and government buy argumentative essay help

Select a country from the following list and research the political history and the religious history of the country from the last twenty years:

North Korea

Write an essay in which you include the following:

Analyze the ways in which government and religion interact with each other. What influence does one have over the other? Please provide two specific examples.
Discuss the significance of religion and government on other characteristics of the countrys culture such as in literature, music, and art. Please provide two specific examples.

What influences and impacts of religion and politics do you see on the social and business aspect of the country? Please provide two specific examples.

How do you think recent events affecting the people of the country have their roots in what you have learned about historical cultural trends in religion and government?

You must research usingtwosources from the AIU library andonescholarly source from the internet. You must use APA reference and citation format, for the sources you use to support the explanations and arguments.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Please submit your assignment.

Grading Rubric

Purpose of Assignment and Content Development
Demonstrates an outstanding use of appropriate, relevant, and compelling content with excellent expression of topic, main idea, and purpose.

Demonstrates exemplary knowledge or analysis of human perspectives appropriate to the assignments purpose and context.

Graphics accurately reflect the assignment requirements.

Organization, Grammar, and Presentation
Organization is clear.

Language clearly and effectively communicates ideas and content relevant to the assignment.

Presentation and delivery are confident and persuasive (where applicable).

Audience, style, tone, and perspective are consistent and appropriate to assignment.

Format is consistently appropriate to assignment, and follows assignment requirements.

Few if any errors in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

Information Literacy and Research
Demonstrates outstanding selection and use of high quality, credible, and relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate to the assignment.

Sources are consistently cited according to required style sheet (e.g., APA), with no errors beyond punctuation. Manuscript style is completely correct, according to style sheet guidelines.

Critical Thinking
Demonstrates outstanding or exemplary ability to analyze assumptions and evaluate evidence, complexities of issues, and alternatives. Where required, demonstrates outstanding or exemplary ability to use creativity and originality in problem solving.

Thesis on the topic the main aspects of criminal law. Woollin essay help free: essay help free

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the main aspects of criminal law. Woollin). Subjective recklessness is found when the defendant is aware of the risk involved with his action, but still does the act. (R v. Cunningham1982 AC 566)(Smith & Hogan, 2006)

The possible issues in the instance of Seema are possible criminal liability flowing from the death of Derek and the defenses which she might claim in reducing her criminal liability if proved. Moving on the mistake of Dr. Wisdom and the possibility of the breaking of chain of causation will be considered. Finally the act of Arun will be considered and the subsequent death of Dr. Ali will be considered.

The actus reus of murder is still found in the wording of Sir Edward Coke, which is that the actus reus is present when the defendant “unlawfully killeth any reasonable creature in rerum natura under the Queen’s peace’ (Smith and Hogan, 1983)

The requirement that the killing is lawful is an important aspect and so certain killings which may be as a result of use of reasonable force in self defense may be excluded (Re A 2000 4 All ER 961). Further it is necessary that the defendant accelerated the death of the victim.(Justis)

The mens rea or mental element is known by the term malice aforethought and it is general to state that an intention to cause grievous bodily harm will suffice for murder. (Vickers 1957 2 QB 664)(Koenig, 2007)

By the facts it can be stated that the actus reus and mens rea can be presumed by the fact that Seema finds the knife and stabs Derek. However the defense of provocation and diminished responsibility may be raised to get a verdict of voluntary manslaughter.

Provocation was a common law defense which has been modified by s.3 of the homicide Act 1957. The two tier questions which must be satisfied have a subjective as well as an objective element. First it must be found that did the defendant, as a result of provocation, lose his or her self control (subjective element) and would a reasonable man have done as the defendant did (Objective Element). The elements are decided upon by the jury. (Smith & Hogan, 11th Edition)

The subjective question is purely a matter of fact and requires a sudden and temporary loss of control along with cumulative provocation and that the loss of self control must be as a result of provocation. There must be a loss of self control as a result of the provocation and so the defence will not be available where it is found that it was a calculated revenge. The classic formulation can be found in Duffy [1949] where it was stated that the sudden and temporary loss of self control made the defendant at that moment not master of his mind. However in Richens it was stated that the defendant only required proof that he was unable to restrain himself from committing the act.

Key factors influencing offenders to be violent computer science essay help

Part 1: Using approximately 150-250 words and APA 7th Edition Citations and References as appropriate, what forms of violence do you think are most significant or prevalent in the United States today? Why?

Part 2: Using approximately 150-250 words and APA 7th Edition Citations and References as appropriate, why do you think that some individuals develop into violent or abusive adults and other individuals become pacifists or peaceful adults? What key factors influence offenders to be violent?



Thesis on the topic would changing an individual’s beliefs improve their health summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic would changing an individual’s beliefs improve their health. Health psychology is the application of psychological theory and research to health, illness and health care, which deals with individual behavior in the social context. Psychosocial aspects and determinants are kept in consideration to understand human behavior. It also tries to understand and promote behavioral changes. One basic assumption in health psychology is that to change people’s behaviorat least through health promotion interventionsit is necessary to understand the psychosocial determinants of behavior. For example, due to lack of motivation/ willpower when a harmful user fails to stop taking alcohol, requires another kind of intervention than that addict who fails to stop taking drinks because of a lack of family/social support.

In the traditional viewpoint absence of disease was known as health. This concept was known as a biomedical concept, which has its base in the “germ theory of disease” which dominated medical thought at the turn of the 20th century. The medical professionals of that term were treating the human body as a machine. Any sort of disease was taken as a fault in the machine and the doctor’s task was to repair the machine. Therefore the health became the ultimate goal of medicine. The criticism then started against the biomedical concept as it was minimized the role of the environmental, social, psychological and cultural determinants of health. The biomedical model, for all its remarkable success in treating disease, was found inadequate to solve some of the major health problems of mankind (e.g., malnutrition, chronic diseases, accidents, drug abuse, mental illness, environmental pollution, population explosion) by elaborating the medical technologies.&nbsp.


Climate Change Affecting Human Health argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online

Module 5 Assignment Template

Title and Outline of Final Presentation on the Impact of Climate Change

Name: _______________________

Title of your presentation: How Climate Change Affect Human Health

Outline: (complete these areas with short sentences or sentence fragments. Just enough information to show that you have a plan for how the presentation will flow in a logical, orderly path.)

Introduction: (What is the topic and why is it important)

Example: (tell a story or give a concrete example to illustrate the issue)

Important science findings (why do we know this is a serious problem?):

What is being done about this or what could be done?

At least 2 sources you will be using (Provide a complete APA style reference for each):

Outcome associated with organizational downsizing college admission essay help

(35) Which of the following is an outcome associated with organizational downsizing?


employees who remain are mo loyal to the organization

b. there is an increase in management

c. remaining workers are more motivated to work because they fear also losing their jobs

d. the organization becomes more efficient and competitive

(36) Dr. I is interested in examining differences in worker job satisfaction based on the type of product a team is assigned to work on in the laboratory. In this example, the independent variable is

a. job satisfaction

b. the type of product worked on by the team

c. the workers assigned to each team

d. team performance

Political Convergence in Canada college essay help online: college essay help online

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Political Convergence in Canada: The Case of the Liberal and Conservative Party of Canada. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. As Eric Belanger lamentably notes, “Political parties in advanced industrial democracies are becoming less and less distinguishable to the point of being identical, having similar ideologies and political platforms. This argument is especially prevalent in descriptions of the Canadian political scene.” The latter finding is furthermore reflected in the low voter turnout rates and loss of interest in politics amongst the population. as political parties continue to become more similar and detached from the needs of their citizens, voters become more turned-off by their participatory democratic system.

Despite the open discourse promoting individualism and free-thought, it appears that political parties in Canada have adopted a one faced approach to policy. Bewilderingly “advanced industrialization”, the supposed enlightenment of civilization, along with economic prosperity puts morals and values, arguably what distinguishes humans from other animals, on the backbench. There’s been much discussion on general political thought because in order to delve into our upcoming subject it is imperative to discuss what political parties are, what they should be, and how they affect citizens’ lives. Behind the polished rhetoric utilized by politicians, and the distinct color differentiation of “red” and “blue” employed by the parties as tags, is their behavior all that different As the old adage goes, “Actions speak louder than words”. It is these actions that will truly adjudicate, as Nadeau states, whether Canadian political parties really are lamentably indistinguishable.&nbsp.&nbsp.

When voting for a political party in Canada it is observed that there is a “weakness of class and ideological cleavages in a regionally divided society (Canada), held together by a system of elite brokerage through political institutions minimally affected by public inputs” Furthermore, it is ascertained that voting in Canada is more affected by short term interest in issues manipulated by parties rather than by enduring ideological orientations”. In light of these findings, it is not surprising that political parties, especially the more successful ones such as the Liberals and Conservatives, are similar. If ideology isn’t very relevant, then a major differentiation between parties will be specific issues.

Research at least one management theory best essay help

SWOT Analysis: Opportunities of your Organization

For this assignment you will research the opportunities of your organization and provide a detailed paper on your findings. Consider the factors listed below and remember the given outline from Module One is there for your use. This outline is a great tool for getting your different sections fully completed and researched. In addition, remember that this paper on the opportunities of your organization will become the fourth Section of your overall SWOT paper due at the end of Module 8.

Research and thoroughly explain at least TWO major opportunities of the organization. Discuss why these opportunities are present and what can be done to seize on them. Many of you have probably heard the saying, when opportunity knocks, you better be ready to answer! You should write a minimum of at least one full paragraph for each of the opportunities presented.

Additionally, you need to research at least one management or leadership theory can be used to implement the opportunities identified. Provide a brief description of the theory and explain how you can apply it to the opportunities that you identified.

Each of these opportunities must come from a force or forces occurring within a dimension of the general environment within the organization’s external environment (keep in mind an opportunity can stem from more than one dimension within the general environment). Be sure to include in your analysis the relevant dimension of the general environment from which each of these forces is derived.

Factors to consider when you think about company opportunities: Finding unfulfilled customer needs that will support and

increase company loyalty and increase the consumer base, allowing the company to grow and expand.

Utilizing new technology, both hardware and software, to reach more potential customers. This includes social media.

Staying informed about the ever-changing laws and regulations that can provide an increased consumer base along with increased company profits.

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