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create a descriptive essay topic should be based on paragraph below

Made my reservation, to go skydiving. Woke up like normal the day of got dressed and headed out. Did my normal morning routine got my Starbucks coffee and a snack.  I showed early so i sat in my car for 15minutes and finished my Starbucks. Now I’m all checked in. the Diver gave me a long list of dos and don’ts now I’m scared what if I don’t activate my parachute on time. Anxiety at an all-time high I still fallowed through.  we are on the plane now the diver is giving me the little prep talk before the jump. “On the count of 3 we jump”. “1,2,3”, I was still standi g there so the other diver pushed me. Oh no, I forgot how to activate my parachute. now I’m panicking I passed out mid-air then my phone started ringing it was just a dream.  OverviewYour assignment for this module is to write a narrative essay. You may base this story on an experience you have had or create a completely fictional story; regardless, make sure your narrative centers on a compelling conflict that propels the action forward. Use description to effectively flesh out the characters that appear in the story and to make the settings in which it takes place come alive. Use chronological order to present your experience in a logical manner; you may also use flashbacks (or perhaps even flash forwards) to jump around in time, but make sure the reader can easily follow the action of the story. Use transitions to effectively tie events together and connect your ideas. Your final paper should be 2–4 typed, double spaced pages (approximately 500 to 1000 words).

Experian Credit Report Leak

Brian Krebs reported that the credit reporting agency Experian was subject to a cyber attack that potentially exposed the credit reports of their customers via their interface to the portal.What was the failure of the site that allowed this data exposure? What could an attacker could have accessed and how can they target people for their information?What other security breaches have the credit reporting agencies had?

You have been hired as an HR Consultant to determine the level of satisfaction of

Create a survey with 5-10 questions based on the components of a Total Rewards System (TRS).  Request two work colleagues to take the survey and take the survey yourself.  Compile the data and provide a summary of your findings.  Based on your findings, make recommendations for your organization’s leadership team as it relates to TRS.Include your survey as part of your assignment submission.  Your submission should be in APA format and 3-5 pages in length not including cover and reference pages. Include at least two (2) sources excluding your textbook.

Employee Benefits : Continued

Writing Assignment Help Beutan had an excellent academic record and appeared to be just the kind of person Susan’s company, Jones Investments, was seeking in an investments technician. Susan is the staffing specialist for Jones and had already interviewed two individuals for the position. Based on the application form, Beutan appeared to be the most promising candidate to be interviewed that day. From his past experience it looked as if he could be in his mid-forties. His address showed that he lived 45 miles away from the Jones facility. The application stated that Beutan achieved a 3.7 GPA in his master’s courses, with a 4.0 in his major field of finance. He achieved his degree a year ago by working during the day and attending classes at night. Beutan was not only treasurer of his district’s financial planning association but also served as volunteer on the high school’s financial advising committee. The recommendation letters in Beutan’s file revealed that he was both active socially and a rather intense and serious student. One of the letters from Beutan’s full-time employer of four years boasted a notable work ethic.Beutan was laid off due to a cutback in business and was looking again for full-time work.Susan knew that discussion of benefits could be an important part of the recruiting interview. But she did not know which aspects of Jones’ benefits program would appeal most to Beutan. The company has an excellent profit-sharing plan, although 80% of profits distributions are deferred and included in each employee’s retirement account. Health benefits are also good. It also has long-term care insurance but no short-term care. The company’s medical and dental plan pays a significant portion of costs. A company lunchroom provides meals at prices about 65% less than outside prices. Employees get one week of paid vacation after the first year and two weeks after two years with the company. Five days are provided each year for sick leave. In addition, there are 7 paid holidays each year. Finally, the company encourages advanced education, paying for tuition and supplies for courses directly related to an employee’s job. Under certain circumstances, employees are allowed time off to attend classes during the day. Jones also provides a 50% daycare discount for employees with young children.What aspects of the Jones Investments benefits program are likely to appeal to Beutan? Explain.What aspects of the Jones benefit package would likely be the least appealing to Beutan? Discuss.In today’s work environment, what other benefits offered by employers might be attractive to Beutan? Why? Share examples of best-practice benefits offered by employers (discussing at least two employers by name).

Make a case

S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, in delivering the opinion on Smith v. Texas (1940), wrote:It is part of the established tradition in the use of juries as instruments of public justice that the jury be a body truly representative of the community. For racial discrimination to result in the exclusion from jury service of otherwise qualified groups not only violates our Constitituon and the laws encacted under it, but is at war with our basic concepts of a democratic society and a representative government.Take a position. Does the process of jury selection help build fair and impartial juries that are representative of the population in which the trial is occurring?The Jury Selection Process Helps Ensure a Fair TrialThen, using the information gained in this module and the resources noted above, make your case. How does the jury selection process help or hinder the selection of a representative jury? Does this system help ensure justice and the final outcome of a fair trial? Why or why not? Be sure to build your case with factual resources.Smith v. Texas, 311

Learning center

Student engagement in the learning will also create a positive learning environment.Based on any three content areas, create a plan for five learning centers focused on a theme (zoo animals, farm, space, etc.) for a Pre-K to Grade 3 classroom.Each learning center plan will be 200-250 words and include:    •    Developmentally appropriate activity that is engaging for students, promotes creativity, and is aligned with state standards.    •    Directions for the volunteers to oversee the center’s activity, including guidance for enhancing student learning and well-being.    •    A list of required materials and the purpose of each.    •    At least one center must include the use of technology to engage and support creative thinking.

What is the experience of living with autism? How can non-autistic people better understand what it’s like to be autistic?

Outline Your Literature Review’s Structure | Scribbr ? – Bing videoLinks to an external site.(2-4 pages) APA format using headers and cite your resources correctly. Think About It:  In general, your literature review directly follows and expands your Introduction section (Section 4), as previously described.  Besides increasing your knowledge base on your problem area, writing a literature review provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your skills in two areas:Information-seeking skills: the ability to identify a set of useful articles and books by scanning the relevant literature efficiently, using manual and computerized methods. Critical appraisal skills: the ability to identify and critique previously published research studies. Whereas your Introduction section told your readers where your proposal is headed, by describing what you want to do, how you are going to do it, and why your work is significant, Section 5 validates your efforts and substantiates the need to study your problem area further.  You will do this by citing other authoritative sources who are also knowledgeable about your problem area. As you know, your literature review has to be professionally written; that is, it’s not simply a list of monotonous, mind-numbing descriptions of one study after another.  This is the kiss of death in a literature review.  Never begin your paragraph with the name of a researcher and a description of his or her research study.  Instead, you have three choices on how to organize your literature:  chronological, thematic, or methodological. Chronological:  If your review follows the chronological method, your write about the research studies you have found according to when they were published. Thematic: Thematic reviews of the literature are simply organized around a topic or issue, rather than the progression of time.  See Box 5.1 as an example.Methodological: A methodological approach focuses on the research methods that the researchers used to gather their data rather than on the content of the material. Thus, survey, observational, experimental, quantitative, and/or qualitative studies are grouped together.  We do NOT recommend this method; rather, the thematic method illustrated in Box 5.1 is a better choice. Pick one of the three methods- and only one Write About It:    Write a Literature Review Section for your research Proposal:Use all the tips in this section to write your literature review (e.g., clear and succinct key points).If possible, show your proposal’s Literature Review section to your classmates for their feedback.Revise all four sections based on your classmates’ feedback.Submit all four sections to your instructor for comment/grade.