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Come up with a clear main argument/thesis about immigration, based on your 5 sources and feedback

Read your sources carefully and develop thesis statement based on the evidence in your sources.    Draft pages, plus a Title Page and a References page with 5 sources, arguing your thesis about immigration and its role in the US.·        Use APA style.·        Demonstrate your cross-cultural competency: Avoid assumptions, generalizations  and stereotypes. Acknowledge diversity within groups. Acknowledge and balance your own biases.·        Back up each claim you make with historical evidence.·        Address counterarguments.

For this assignment, I’m going to have you read a short piece in Gawker by Jenny G. Zhang. Here’s

For this assignment, I’m going to have you read a short piece in Gawker by Jenny G. Zhang. Here’s the link: “Everyone Thinks They are the Underdog.” ItLinks to an external site.’s an essay about how we communicate online in a digital age, and about how difficult it is to form identities in new, online spaces. I want you to read it primarily to get a sense of how the writer, Zhang, develops her argument. Your response should clarify your own sense of Zhang’s argument and its purpose. It should be three paragraphs in length. Below I’ll give you some prompts for writing the essay:

Paragraph 1: In this paragraph, explain a little bit about where Zhang is coming from. Maybe lead with an introduction about your own experience of social media, or something that gets the reader into the topic by way of an anecdote (an anecdote is a short story that conveys information relevant to your topic, but that comes from some other source, either your own life, the news or something you’ve heard. When you write an essay, the purpose of an anecdote is kind of like an icebreaker–it lets the reader know about your topic in a way that doesn’t require you to get down to the argument quite yet, but it also lets you show the reader that the topic is relevant by linking it to current events, personal events, etc…). After the intro/anecdote, get into the argument a little more. What is Zhang trying to say and why? Be specific and get analytical with this part of the essay. It’s important that you don’t end up stating the argument as a truism, or something already held to be true by the reader. In order for an argument to be good, it’s got to be a little bit original. Bring out that originality in Zhang’s argument.

Paragraph 2: In this paragraph, assess Zhang’s writing according to Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle. Which of the three forms of rhetoric (ethos, pathos or logos) do you think she uses the most? Give an example or two from her writing and explain. Make sure you let the reader know something about the form of rhetoric, and then explain how Zhang uses it in her writing.

Paragraph 3: Finally, give your own sense of Zhang’s essay. What did you think of it? Which parts of it made the most sense to you, and why? Which parts of it did you struggle with? Which parts didn’t work for you? Give the reader a sense of your own appraisal of Zhang’s writing in the final paragraph. Was her essay effective? Whether you agreed with it or not, did it convey what she wanted it to convey?

Each student should select an issue in corrections (from the list below). The minimum length of the paper should

Each student should select an issue in corrections (from the list below). The minimum length of the paper should be 3 full pages. It must be typed (word processed) in Microsoft Word with Times New Roman font, be double spaced throughout, and have 1 inch margins all around (both sides, top, and bottom) with 12 font size. Please do not deviate from this format or minimum page requirement; you will lose points.

Because this is a small paper, I only want you to use two references (only 2 – no more or no less). This means only two references should be listed on your Reference Page and only these two references should be cited in your paper. Both of these references must be “academic articles” (from academic journals) and both must be retrieved from the EKU online library (click on the “Library Resources” menu button on the left for guidance).

You MUST use APA formatting throughout this paper (as outlined in the “APA Style Writing Tips” document posted below). The reference page must be formatted EXACTLY as shown in the document; citing in the paper must be formatted EXACTLY as shown in the document (different examples are shown). If you use information from the text, you must cite these in your paper and include the textbook in your reference page (using correct APA format).

Include a title/cover page following the APA format (must include a header/running head with the paper title and page numbers). The reference page and cover page do not count in the 3 page minimum.

(last week of the course) and is worth 100 points, but do not wait until the last minute to get started. Be sure to carefully view the grading rubric below to see how the points are distributed.

The requirements for the paper are as follows (DO NOT include an abstract). Please include the following headings for each requirement below:

Write an Introduction describing the issue (what is the issue, why is it important, etc.).
Existing Problems
Describe the problems that exist that make it less effective than possible (also, give some history, some background leading up to the problems that exist today, etc.)

Evidence of Ineffectiveness
Give evidence of its ineffectiveness (what’s going on that shows the system isn’t working; has it always been this way; was it ever better or worse, etc.?).

Suggestion for Improvement
Suggest one way it might be resolved or improved upon to enhance the operation of the corrections system (what do you think would work better?).

How could your suggestion for improvement be implemented (what steps should be taken; what should be done first, second, etc.)?

Describe how your suggestion might resolve or improve this issue (give examples or comparisons; in what ways could your plan “fix” what is broken?).
NOTE: The first page begins with the heading “Introduction”; only the running header should be above this. The headings should be in bold font with the same spacing throughout (double spaced – this includes after headings and paragraphs). ALL 6 headings must be included in the paper. Five points will be deducted for each heading that isn’t included (this could total up to 30 points so please include all of them!).

I said a time in my life I had to apply critical thinking was choosing what college to go

Writing Assignment Help I said a time in my life I had to apply critical thinking was choosing what college to go to. The location, which is 45 minutes from my home. My major, dental hygiene (they have a good program) and the cost, they accept fasfa and have provided many different financial help options.

You are to create a Scope and Sequence for Year 11 Standard English. Within the Scope and Sequence, you

You are to create a Scope and Sequence for Year 11 Standard English. Within the Scope and Sequence, you are to have the correct syllabus outcomes as well as other information necessary for the Scope and Sequence.
Following the creation of the Scope and Sequence, you are to write a Justification as to why you designed the Scope and Sequence in this order and how and why the syllabus outcomes are where they are within the Scope.
Attached is a template that you can use for the Scope and Sequence however, if you wish to use one from NESA that is ok.
Also, attached is the assignment ‘question’ as well as the marking criteria.
Many thanks.

PART 1: This is for Year 11 STANDARD ENGLISH. The topic you will cover in the unit is COMMON

PART 1: This is for Year 11 STANDARD ENGLISH. The topic you will cover in the unit is COMMON MODULE – READING TO WRITE: TRANSITION TO SENIOR ENGLISH. Rationale: This is an authentic task which requires you to use syllabus documents to plan an entire unit of work for one topic in the curriculum. This builds on the skills developed in Assessment Task 1 and should reflect one of the topics from Assessment Task 1. You will demonstrate your ability to incorporate a range of learning and teaching strategies to support the diverse learning needs students. Task descriiption: You will plan an entire unit of work (minimum 20 lessons) using the template provided on BB or one approved by your tutor. You do not need to write 20 lesson plans, instead these will be lesson summaries. You must link specific learning outcomes to lesson objectives and success criteria. Teaching and learning strategies for lessons must be provided. Links to General Capabilities and Cross-curriculum priorities must be included. Attached in this is the ‘Question, template and instructions for this’. If you wish to use another template from NESA, that is fine. PART 2: Length: 500-750 Words Rationale: The purpose of writing a comprehensive differentiation plan is to inform your unit of work will be differentiated in a heterogeneous classroom. Task descriiption: This is a piece of academic writing on differentiation and how it will be applied to your specific Year 11 Unit of Work in your First Teaching Area. It should make specific reference to the content, topic and outcomes of your unit of work and also be properly references where applicable. It should include differentiation strategies for Gifted

GEROntology 101: Research Proposal Statement

In your 1-page double-spaced research statement you need to discuss the following: 1) Your choice of research topic and your research question: Define the topic as clearly as possible, and discuss what you would like to find out through your research. Discuss your potential research question you plan to address in this research paper. 2) Your preliminary research on the topic: Discuss what you know about the selected topic at this point.  Use at least one scholarly source besides our textbook (i.e., government or foundation research report or peer-reviewed journal article) to discuss your preliminary knowledge about the topic. 3) Your plan of research: Discuss how you plan to expand and carry out your research in your final research paper based on your preliminary research. You will need to satisfy all of the following criteria:? Clearly state your selection of research topic and research question.? Elaborate your current knowledge about the topic using a credible source of information.? Effectively use preliminary research to plan your research from this point.? Provide in-text citations in correct APA format when you site your source of information.? Proofread the document and present no grammatical errors.? Use APA-style and provide your name, course number (i.e., GERO 101) and submission date on your cover page.? Include a reference page for your government or foundation research report or peer-reviewed journal article source in APA-style. Research Statement scoring will be divided into the following subcategories:Overall grammar (including citations)???? 5 ptsSelection and discussion of research topic???10 ptsQuality and discussion of preliminary research?? ? 5 ptsPlan of research in reference to preliminary research  ?? 5 p