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Clinical Field Experience C: Community Demographic

Communication among all stakeholders is essential in the development of young children. When educators know and understand the stakeholders’ perspectives, they can best serve the students and their families.For this assignment, you will be interviewing one teacher, one family member/guardian, and the director from your field experience child care center. Use the questions on the “Community Demographic Template” to conduct interviews that examine the roles of schools, families, and communities in the education of young children.Use any remaining field experience hours observing the center and how families are involved.After you have completed all three interviews, reflect, in 150-200 words, upon the contribution each person you interviewed makes to the education of young children. How will you incorporate this knowledge into your future teaching?APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Habits of the creative mind reflection

Miller and Ann Jurecic identify in their book Habits of the Creative Mind is reflectiveness. For our last Major Essay Project of the semester, we will further cultivate this habit of mind by reflecting on our experiences with writing and reading in our class this semester. What ideas from Habits of the Creative Mind resonated most with you, and why? How did you implement these various concepts, strategies, and habits of mind into your own writing? What concepts and strategies from our various Major Essay Projects did you find most beneficial for your writing? What challenges did you face while composing these essays, and how did you try to overcome them? What strengths did you develop over the course of this semester? What are some areas that you need to develop further as you continue your journey as a writer, reader, and critical thinker?To address these questions effectively, be sure to include specific details and quotations from at least four (4) of Miller and Jurecic’s short essays in Habits of the Creative Mind and from your own writing from this semester. (This does not mean that you should have only four quotations; it means that you should quote from at least four short essays from the book.)

relationship development and maintenance explored Social Exchange Theory and

This is an economic view of relationships. Please view the clip from Friends about selfless good deeds, and respond to the following prompts (in no more than 1 page);1A.) Social exchange theory argues that every choice we make is made because of some sort of tangible or intangible benefit. In this clip from Friends, we see Phoebe attempt to find a selfless act, and if successful, would dispute social exchange theory. Are there any selfless acts?1B.) If there are any truly selfless acts between people in relationships, provide an example of one. It can be real or hypothetical.2A.) Do you think cost-reward analysis is useful in relationship formation and maintenance?2B.) Why or why not?HERE’S THE VIDEO————————————————————————————–Ch 10:1) Watch the clips from Mean Girls posted to Blackboard. If you are familiar with the film already, you can use any content, including scenes not posted to Blackboard.2) Analyze what group dynamics are present, and HOW? You may wish to identify any group considerations from the reading or lecture, including;Group size and communication patternsCohesion and normsSocial loafingSocial ostracismArgumentativeness and AssertivenessCliques and countercoalitionsNetwork patterns3) Write up your analysis in no more than 1 page. Be sure to make at LEAST three connections to three different concepts from the chapter. Give specific examples for each. You may bullet each concept and example out, but write in complete sentences.HERE’S THE VIDEO:

History Essay – World Civilizations

Writing Assignment Help This essay is a 3 PART essay. Each part has different essay questions that will be answered and compiled into an essay like structure. Each part will be different and should be organized accordingly.

Crime During the 1920s

If you can, it would be helpful to find maybe two additional sources. Please reach out if you need clarification or have any concerns. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

intro discussion

The introduction discussion must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday the first week of the course to maintain your course enrollment. Students who do not post to this discussion before this deadline will be automatically dropped from the course. There are no exceptions to this policy. Your initial post should be at least 250 words.enlightenedPlease post substantively and let your peers get to know you. Peer responses are not required.Part A: Introduction to the ClassIntroduce yourself to the class. Who are you? Where are you from? What are your current and/or future educational aspirations and goals? What are your learning goals for this course? What are your interests outside of college?Part B: Academic InterestsWhat concentration did you pursue in your graduate studies? What topics you are considering for the Literature Review? What concerns do you have about the literature review?

Anxiety and mental Health disorder Within College Students

1. Choose a social problem. This can be related to your field work but does not need to be. This could be the area you hope to work in when you graduate or just an area that you are wanting to learn more about. This can also be a specific population that we would not identify as problematic (ex: children with autism).2. Define the problem/ population. What is it? Approach this as though you are talking with someone who has never heard about this issue or problem. Explain what it looks like and what it encompasses.3. Locate national statistics