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Choose 1 applied (program evaluation or action research) article and compose a 3-page review (not including the reference page

Choose 1 applied (program evaluation or action research) article and compose a 3-page review (not including the reference page in the count). Your review must include 2 sections: (1) a
summary of the article, and (2) a critical analysis of the article. Because applied research could be either quantitative or qualitative in nature, you must be able to distinguish the correct
characteristics in order to include the correct components. All articles must be of studies conducted and published in the United States or Canada within the past 5 years.
Your summary must include:
 Identify whether article is more quantitative or qualitative in nature and/or if
program evaluation or action research, if applicable.
 The purpose of the study;
 A descriiption of participants/sample/setting;
 The research design
o Quantitative analysis (experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, regression,
etc.) AND/OR
o Qualitative analysis (narrative, grounded theory, case study, phenomenology,
ethnography, etc.)
 The method of data collection
o Quantitative (survey, test, questionnaire, etc.) AND/OR
o Qualitative (questionnaire, document analysis, observation, open-ended or
structured interview, etc.)
 Analysis
o Quantitative: A statistical analysis (t-test, analysis of variance (ANOVA) analysis
of covariance (ANCOVA), chi square, Pearson product moment correlation,
Spearman rho, etc.); AND/OR
o Qualitative: Inductive/deductive approach, point of focus, summaries, memoing,
indexing, coding, grouping, themes, order of analysis, type of analysis (content,
narrative, discourse, framework, grounded theory)
 The results.
Your analysis must include:
 Opportunities for further research not already stated in the article,
 Threats
o Quantitative: to validity or rival hypotheses not already discussed AND/OR
o Qualitative: credibility, transferability, dependability, confirmability
 Other original insight or criticism, and
 Implications of the findings.
See your textbook if you need more help evaluating your article. Please remember to include a
reference page. ***All citations and references must be in current APA.
Note: Applied research can have quantitative or qualitative components; however, it must be
true applied research.

Architecture: The Picturesque, Paper Architecture, and the Evolution of Neoclassicism

The term fantasy is used in the Ingersoll text to describe certain architectures—real and imagined—that were conceived between 1750 – 1850. Fantasy may be located in a variety of architectural styles, such as the Picturesque, Neo-Gothic, and other creative approaches to Neoclassicism.

Picturesque expressions, which took form in both landscapes and built forms, became commonplace in England and Europe during the 17th Century.

One example is Strawberry Hill in Twickenham, England (1749-1780), designed by Horace Walpole and Robert Adam.

In the middle of the 18th Century in Italy, Giovanni Battista Piranesi designed architectural structures that could never actually be built, as in Carceri (1762). His structures, in possession of seemingly endless vistas and contrived of classical Roman architectural elements, are often characterized as fantastical, sublime, and terrifying.

Sir John Soane designed and built his own house on the square of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, beginning in the 18th Century and continuing modifications into the 19th Century. Renderer Joseph Michael Gandy captured the theatrical nature of Soane’s built compositions, translating them into poetic watercolor renderings, to convey the collage of classical elements Soane employed in this work that broke from more austere neoclassical traditions.

Illustrated Essay Prompt
Discuss fantasy and neoclassicism in architecture—real or imagined—created between 1750-1850. You should choose one of the architectural examples above to support the argument you make about this topic, and you may include another example of your choice. Your essay should provide a reflection on the Sublime, as defined by Edmund Burke, in relation to the select architectures used to support your argument.

Contemporary relationship:
In your essay, include a paragraph in which you reflect on fantasy and architecture in the present day. You may consider a building that is in your purview, or you may want to investigate the architecture website Dezeen (

Consult the Ingersoll text as well as additional sources provided to you plus at least one (1) other that
you deem appropriate to the topic, i.e. published articles, websites (NOT Wikipedia!), journals, books,
etc. This source should come from JSTOR. Below, I have offered you instructions on JSTOR and other
sources you may use as noted in the essay prompt.

Footnotes formatted to Chicago Standards are required. Include a bibliography if any of your sources are
not cited in the footnotes.

Include at least three (3) captioned images. See this site for guidelines

Required Sources:

1. “Edmund Burke on the Sublime,” You Tube, last modified June 17, 2020.

2. Ingersoll, Richard. World Architecture : A Cross-cultural History. Second ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018, p. (pages on Baroque Architecture: 561-75)

3. Source of your choice is located on JSTOR (a research database that you can find via the library website:
Be sure to cite your source using Chicago Standards.

Suggested Sources (located on D2L):

4. Wilton-Ely, John. “Style and Serendipity: Adam, Walpole and Strawberry Hill.” The British Art Journal 11, no. 3 (2011): 3–14.

5. Marchesano, Louis. “Invenzioni Capric Di Carceri: The Prisons of Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778).” Getty Research Journal, no. 2 (2010): 151–60. (included in Content section of D2L)

6. Furján, Helene. “Sir John Soane’s Spectacular Theatre.” AA Files, no. 47 (2002): 12–22.

I put 7 sources – please ONLY use the sources listed above and one article/website deemed suitable, as per the above instructions – NOT Wiki.

Position Paper on Health Policy

Introduce the policy by providing an overview of the suggested or implemented policy: background of the topic, including main elements of the policy, costs, and quality/safety. Assert your main thesis statement.Offer an evidence-based, informed opinion in support of the suggested or implemented policy. Describe at least two major contributions that this policy makes to health care, nursing, or health outcomes. Provide support with at least three sources of evidence.Discuss at least one opposing opinion to the suggested or implemented policy. Provide evidence and/or data to support the counterargument.Present a final position on the policy. Support the final defensible argument with current literature.Conclusion: A. Restate your argument. B. Provide a plan of action, but do not introduce new information. In total, your paper will be 4–5 pages in length, not including the title page or reference page.Required Content Introduction presents overview of policy, including background, main policy elements, costs and quality/safety elements.Required ContentPolicy is supported with an evidence-based argument. A minimum of two major contributions to health care, nursing, and/or health outcomes are presented.Required ContentAn opposing opinion to the suggested policy is presented with evidence.Required ContentFinal position stated supported with current literature.Required ContentA plan of action with conclusion is presented.Professional Writing: Originality, Source Credibility, and Attribution of Ideas

Health Insurance Program

Writing Assignment Help MISSION STATEMENT:Our mission is to empower the communities of eastern North Carolina to take control of their health by enrolling them into a health insurance programs that will help meet their health care needs and concerns.  VISION STATEMENT:To grant the people of eastern North Carolina access and affordability to health insurance. Video Link:

Watch this read aloud of “Pepita Talks Twice” by Ofelia Lachtman. After listening to the reading of Pepita

Watch this read aloud of “Pepita Talks Twice” by Ofelia Lachtman.

After listening to the reading of Pepita Talks Twice, take a moment to respond to the following:

1) Respond to this book as a reader: How does Pepita change in the story? Do her experiences relate to your own in any way or to someone who you know?
2) Respond to this book as a teacher: Can you think of other texts you might pair with this book that highlight the experiences and benefits of being multilingual? What kind of unit of study might a book like this fit into in your classroom?

Read “What shall we do with the Canaanites?” by Knut Holter attached in files Read “Return the National Parks

Read “What shall we do with the Canaanites?” by Knut Holter
attached in files

Read “Return the National Parks to the Tribes” by Daniel Treuer

Write an integrative paper describing the different policies identified by Holter that are articulated in the Old Testament about how to treat the ongoing presence of the Canaanites in the land. How have/ how might each of these policies find parallels in relation to US government’s policies toward Native American presence in the land of North America as discussed in the article by Treuer?

As you think through your response here are some additional questions to consider:

Do you think that certain Old Testament policies regarding how Israel was supposed to treat the Canaanites in the land have influenced the behavior of European settlers or the policy of the US government toward Native Americans? Why or why not?

Which OT policies toward the Canaanites are similar to practices and policies adopted by the US government and/or by European settlers? Give evidence.

How might a discussion of these different Old Testament policies about what to do with the Canaanites presence in the land in the Old Testament contribute to a more robust discussion in American society regarding Treuer’s policy suggestion for returning the national parks to Native American peoples? How might such a discussion contribute or not contribute to inclusive human flourishing?

Grading rubrics for podcast option (See Integrative Paper podcast option)
Grading Rubrics for written paper (immediately below)

Formatting: (5)
4 pages double-spaced, 12 point font (keep a consistent font throughout)
In the top margin: Name, UC 220, Integrative Paper 1, Due 10/3/2022 11 AM

Parenthetical citations (5)
Cite each of the assigned readings using MLA or APA parenthetical citation. Or you may use footnotes using the Harvard style. Cite the biblical text in the following way. Book, Chapter, Verse and the translation you are using. For example, Moses said, “But behold, they will not believe me or listen to my voice” (Exodus 4:1 ESV).

Work Cited (5) At the end of your four page paper include the sources you cited using MLA, APA, or Harvard style. For podcast option, these go in the show notes. Please also cite the translation of the biblical text you are using. Here are two examples that I found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page I quoted on

1. The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.
2. New English Translation, NET Bible® copyright ©1996-2017 by Biblical Studies Press, L.L.C. All rights reserved.

Overall Presentation (15)
grammar, the narrative is appropriate for a general audience, clarity, cohesiveness, grabs the reader’s attention

Introduction (15) Write an introduction to your paper that introduces the reader to what this paper is about and what to expect when reading it. What is your thesis? What kind of relationship is there between Old Testament policies and modern day polices? Try to hook the reader. Why should the reader care?

Body (40)
Represents each of the assigned sources accurately.
Brings specific Old Testament policies towards the Canaanites as discussed in Holter in dialogue with the specific policies of the US government to Native Americans as discussed in Treuer
Author takes a clear position, answering the key questions in the assignment. Nuanced answers are welcome.

Conclusion (15) Write a conclusion to your paper that brings together and/or summarizes your major point(s), bringing the paper to a successful and satisfying end.

Two of the most important responsibilities of a school administrator are those of supervision and leadership. While there is

Two of the most important responsibilities of a school administrator are those of supervision and leadership. While there is a great deal of information that must be learned related to laws and policies, it’s important to acknowledge the “people skills” it takes to be an effective administrator as well. In this two-part assignment, you will examine the broad aspects of being an administrator.

Research the terms supervision and leadership as they relate to school administrators and review the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders from the National Policy Board for Educational Administration. (attached)

Complete Parts 1 and 2 below.

Part 1

Create a 1-page infographic using a presentation tool (e.g., Piktochart or PoppletTM – sites below) that displays the dispositions, characteristics, and behaviors of an effective administrator.

Part 2

Write a 1-page job descriiption for an administrator position at a school that will serve as an advertisement/employment posting. Be professional and authentic in writing to attract the best pool of candidates.

Cite any references used to support your assignment according to APA guidelines.