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Case And Effects Of Alcoholic And Untrustworthy Essay Help From Professional Writers

JUL 23, 2019

Julie is a 35 years old unmarried women and she says that its her fathers fault that she can not trust men. she

Julie is a 35 years old unmarried women and she says that its her fathers fault that she can not trust men. she

has difficulty in forming relation with men and says that her father was alcoholic and untrustworthy and he was never there when she needed him. she also says that she would not go with her problem to him because he was loud and gruff. she also tells about the guilt she felt over her fathers drinking because of her sense that in some ways she was causing him to drink. she is leery of men and convinced that they will somehow let her down if she gives them the chance. she has decided in advance that she will not be a fool again that she will never let herself need or trust men.

although she seems pretty clear about not wanting to risk trusting men, she realizes this notion is self defeating and would like to challenge her views. though she wants to change the way in which she perceives and feels about men, somehow she seems to have an investment in her beliefs about their basic untrustworthiness. she is not very willing to look at her part in keeping this assumption about men alive. rather, she would prefer to pin the blame in her father. it was he who taught her this lesson and now it is difficult for her to change.

Depression and stigmatization on the LGBT community custom essay help: custom essay help

JUL 23, 2019

Need help developing an oral presentation that encompass and define the following:”How can we

Need help developing an oral presentation that encompass and define the following:

“How can we

help reduce suicide, drug use, depression, stigmatization on the LGBT community, while promoting understanding, tolerance and better health care”

Frame the selected issue within your field of study (Psychology)
Explain the significance of the issue (in the social aspect)
Highlight key points of agreement and disagreement presented in a literature review (peer reviewed articles between 2011 and 2017)
Address the issues of diversity and ethics surrounding this topic
Reflect a reasoned analysis of the ethical issues, competing perspectives, and populations affected
Recommendations that can help to solve the problem

it must be between 5-7 minutes

Student NameCourse TitleProfessor NameUniversity Name13 April, 2017 LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL,AND TRANSGENDER FRAME THE SELECTED ISSUE This learning aimed to center onequally what the…

uthor(s): Jan E. Thomas and Annis Kukulan  writing essay help

JUL 23, 2019

Author(s): Jan E. Thomas and Annis KukulanWhy do women theorists only appear in

Author(s): Jan E. Thomas and Annis Kukulan

Why do women theorists only appear in

a box, sidebar or as selected “others” in intro and theory books?

Is it because of the training of theory instructors?

collected 108 sociology theory syllabi from 40 graduate schools

focused on “classical” theory syllabi.

Findings: Our findings indicate that Marx, Weber, and Durkheim still dominate classical theory syllabi. Marx, Weber, Durkheim most cited theorists, 56% of citations. The writings of women were assigned on 17 percent of the syllabi in our sample. We believe this indicates a weak but visible indication that the diffusion of their work has begun

it is not bc texts by and about these women is unavailable

graduate level theory courses are mostly taught by male instructors. 37 out of 46 courses were taught by men

instructors teach based on what they have been taught in their theory classes (255). Since the “holy trinity” are still being taught in theory classes that perpetuates the same cycle.

**Anna Julia Cooper, Ida B. Wells only on ONE syllabus and either 1/4 or 1/2 of the week spent on them. (258)

Anna Julia Cooper, Ida B. Wells were included on the same ONE syllabus

Harriet Martineau assigned on two syllabi, Hannah Arendt on two syllabi 259

**even when grad students read the works of early women sociologists they still don’t think of them as particularly influential thinkers bc of the way that the women are presented in assignments, discussions, papers (260)

Ch. 1 Telling Stories: Ida B. Wells-Barnett’s Southern HorrorsIn Southern Horrors, Wells shows that the narrative fueling mob violence conveniently keeps women – all women -silent and powerless. Wells speaks not just about white women but TO them as well. lynching under the guise of ‘defending the honor of white women’ is an act of GENDER as well as racial oppression.

lynching myth depends upon the silence of the women it claims to serve (41)

this story is 1/2 way through Southern Horrors, Ida B. Wells shows how white masculine power requires white women’s silence. When Sarah Clark tries to say “I’m not the kind of white woman you are talking about” the court silences her and says YES YOU ARE. (42)

if white women had darker babies and they did not cry rape, they were not true women, “true womanhood” was white womanhood

black woman raped by white men w/o punishment while black men who have consensual sex with white women are lynched. (44)

Ida B. Wells provides mult. examples of how black girls raped w/ impunity. Bc motivation for lynching was not truly to punish rapists, it ws to maintain the racial order and argument used was about “preserving white women’s purity” (but keeping white women silent) 45

Ida B. Wells using the term “outraged” to refer to rape of black girls by white men. She uses this term purposefully to critique the typical (and “common sense” use of the term to refer to black men “raping” white women, when it is actually consensual) 45


Discussion on Psychological Skills Training  need essay help: need essay help

JUL 23, 2019

Please urgent help neededPsychological Skills TrainingHave

Please urgent help needed

Psychological Skills Training 


Fun- Enjoy the Situation

I think this is one of the best ways to deal with stress. Life is tough. Those who can have fun in any situation tend to have less stress and anxiety. Some people tend to focus on the negatives but they worry so much they miss out on experiencing what is actually going on. Take time to experience whatever it is that you are doing.

Concepts in the Milgram experiment essay help services

JUL 23, 2019

The Three elements of social behavior involve conformity, compliance, and obedience. Your text illustrates these

The Three elements of social behavior involve conformity, compliance, and obedience. Your text illustrates these

concepts in the Milgram experiment and the Stanford Prison experiment, in addition to the two websites below. Give an example when you conform to something you might have otherwise not have done? Here are the two websites: and 1 Running head: SOCIAL BEHAVIORS Social BehaviorsStudent’s NameInstitution 2 SOCIAL BEHAVIORSSocial BehaviorsObedienceObedience to authority is one of the issues discussed in the milligram…

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