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Name Brand, Inc., is a small business. Twelve members of a single family own all of its stock. Ordinarily, corporate income is taxed at the corporate and shareholder levels. How can Name Brand avoid this double taxation of income?2. Lee is an officer of Magma Oil, Inc. Lee knows that a Magma geologist has just discovered a new deposit of oil. Can Lee take advantage of this information to buy and sell Magma stock? Why or why not?3. Under what circumstances would Pop’s Market, a small store in a small, isolated town, be considered a monopolist? If Pop’s is a monopolist, is it in violation of Section 2 of the Sherman Act? Why or why not?4. United Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has developed a new drug that it believes will be effective in the treatment of patients with AIDS. The drug has had only limited testing, but United wants to make the drug widely available as soon as possible. To market the drug, what must United prove to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration?

IB Economics HL IA on Sugar Tax

The essay will be about this article : the planning sheet and draw valid diagrams and also complete the cover sheet. They are both attached below. Please do not go over the word limit, which is about 800-850


Identify the crime and point out the differences in the variations. (See Cyber Crime on your textbook)Chen, posing fraudulently as Diamond Credit Card Co., sends an e-mail to Emily, stating that the company has observed suspicious activity in her account and has frozen the account. The e-mail asks her to reregister her credit card number and password to reopen the account.Claiming falsely to be Big Buy Retail Finance Co., Conner sends an e-mail to Dino, asking him to confirm or update his personal security information to prevent his Big Buy account from being discontinued.

Qualitative Research Methods for Social Scientists

Writing Assignment Help You should include an overview of the purpose of the research and then provide the mission statement (what you will cover in this report). 200 wordsEpistemology and ethics: •    Discuss epistemological issues in relation to this researchThe main text of your report would need to include the definitions of epistemology. Discuss the epistemological perspective of qualitative research and how that relates to the interviews you are to analyse.•    Discuss relevant ethical issues The main text should discuss the meaning of ethics in relation to research. Explain/discuss the ethical principles and issues that you think the researcher may have considered prior to data collection•    Discuss methodology and methods The main text should be a brief discussion of the qualitative method and then narrow your discussion to focus groups as methods used for collecting data in this report. You could also mention the method you will adopt for data analysis (thematic analysis)900 words Findings:•    Identify two/three themes emerging from the participant’s responses in the transcriptBased on your data analysis, write your findings. The findings section should address each theme that emerged from your data analysis, supporting them with evidence/quotes from the interviews. You need to use the actual interviewees’ statements as examples (try to use short and relevant statements)Plagiarism will not be effective on the quotes used from the participants 100 wordsDiscussion:•    Discuss these themes, drawing on an appropriate range of relevant social science academic, research and policy material to enable you to develop your analysisIn the discussion section, you should focus on your key findings, linking them to the existing literature on relevant social issues and theories that related to those themes. You could choose three main themes and discuss them in this section giving in-depth analysis. 1100 wordsConclusion- •    Draw conclusions based on the data analysisEnsure you have included an in-depth conclusion of your findings.200 wordsReference; ensure that you use the appropriate Harvard referencing style

BUSINESS LAW W7 VA and answer the following questions.1. a) What is the essential difference between bankruptcy under Chapter 7, and bankruptcy under Chapter 11? 1.b) What happens with the debtor’s assets? Support with arguments the relevancy of the evidence and the key facts selected by your group.2. a) In determining whether a debtor’s failure to keep adequate records was justified, the Bankruptcy Code requires a determination based on all the circumstances of the case. 2.b) What factors might a court weigh in making this determination? Present your arguments supported with evidence.3. a) When an involuntary bankruptcy filing under Chapter 13 can be converted to a voluntary bankruptcy under Chapter 7? 3.b) Who can use Chapter 7 liquidation proceedings? 3.c) Does the 2005 act adequately balance the interests of creditors and debtors? Why, or why not?


Time-Limited Group Assignment—Fiduciary Duties. Newbury Properties Group owns, manages, and develops real property. Jerry Stoker and the Stoker Group, Inc. (the Stokers), also develop real property. Newbury entered into agreements with the Stokers concerning a large tract of property in Georgia. The parties formed Bellemare, LLC, to develop various parcels of the tract for residential purposes. The operating agreement of Bellemare indicated that “no Member shall be accountable to the LLC or to any other Member with respect to any other business or activity even if the business or activity competes with the LLC’s business.” Later, when the Newbury group contracted with other parties to develop parcels within the tract in competition with Bellemare, LLC, the Stokers sued, alleging breach of fiduciary duty. (See LLC Operation and Management.)1. The first group will discuss and outline the fiduciary duties that the members of an LLC owe to each other.2. The second group will determine whether the terms of an operating agreement can alter these fiduciary duties.3. The last group will decide in whose favor the court should rule in this situation.

Leadership Theories Comparison Chart

Create a comparison chart for at least 3 leadership theories to prepare for your Week 4 Summative Assessment. You will use this information to select leadership theories and approaches to support organizational change that aligns to your chosen organization’s mission and values next week.Submit your assignment.