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Business Ethics – Bribery and the Chinese Market

Base responses on course materials, and use 7th ed. APA citations.Please read The Case of the Million Dollar Decision which can be found at the link below:•    Should the company pay bribes to enter the Chinese market?  Why or why not?•    If the company should pay bribes, is this an example of cultural relativism?  In other words, is the company simply doing something that Chinese society finds acceptable?•    Assume that you are a manager at Pegasus and the CEO asks you to manage the company’s entry into the Chinese market.  He also makes clear that you are expected to make the Chinese decision makers happy by providing them with sums of money.  Using your ethical tools from the class, decide what would you do?Ethics for Managers: Philosophical Foundations and business realitiesGilbert, J. (2016). Ethics for Managers: Philosophical Foundations and business realities. RoutledgeThe case of the million-Dollar decision. Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.University, S. C. (n.d.). The case of the million-Dollar decision. Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Retrieved from  Perception of Business Bribery in China: The Impact of Moral Philosophy.Tian, Q. (2008). Perception of Business Bribery in China: The Impact of Moral Philosophy. Journal of Business Ethics, 80(3), 437–445.  Differentiating between gift giving and bribing in China: A guanxiPeikai , L., Sun, J.-M.,

(Strategic) Finance Case Study

Instructions are provided and the data to be used is provided also. This exercise will be completed in EXCEL and POWER POINT. As it is related to finance – please use excel formulas and logic into it to do the exercise, avoid hard coding numbers and data as much as possible. Only hard code when absolutely necessary!!  There are 3 parts that must be completed in this case study and all questions from each part must be answered thoroughly and accurately so the exercise can be considered completed. Please communicate with me on the progress and send to me for review also before finalizing the project. I need to review the work before it gets completed all, so I can see if the questions are answered and if the project meets the standards and requirements. Thanks !!

War on Terrorism

What are the ethical, social, and political consequences of U.S. military sales to foreign governments? How widespread is global and domestic terrorism? Do you believe that such terrorism will continue during this century? Why or why not? How can we, as global citizens, shape a more peaceful world? What role could social media play in this effort? The idea that wars have an economic cause is an ancient one. Present the positions of Plato, Aristotle, or Marx on this statement.

Supply Chain and Logistics Legal Considerations

Writing Assignment Help Resources such as LexisNexis and West Law. After reading through the event, provide a summary.Your summary post should be at least 500 words in length and supported with information from your reading. Must have 3 sources with one being a legal source as stated above.

Reputation Implications of damage to products while being transported

Write a white paper, in which you provide a solution for cost and reputation implications of damage.Specific sections to your white paper should include:Define the audience and their concerns;State the problem;Provide a recommended solution to the problem;Summarize the potential benefits and return on investment from your recommendation.Your white paper should be at least 300 words in length.Need 3 APA sources cited

Being a Culturally Responsive Teacher

Introduction, Body and Conclusion: (30 pts)2. Spelling, grammar and proper writing formatting:  (25 pts).3. Connections/linkages: the use of your journal article and use of your quotes to build your paper: (20 pts)4. Cover sheet: (5 pts) name, date, title of paper, Professor Stewart, UNF course number)5. Quotes: (10 pts) Two from the journal article and one from the course material. 6.  ONE Educational Article: (10 pts) One journal article is required, published within 2 years.  See your Midterm to make sure you chose a real journal article.  Many students used other sources and therefore failed the Midterm. There is a UNF chat librarian number to contact or call the UNF library for assistance if you are still not clear about how to locate an Educational Journal Article or what it is.

Week 8 Discussion: Healthcare Quality and Safety Presentation Week 8 Discussion: Healthcare Quality and Safety Presentation

Your reply post should be a minimum of 250–300 words. In your reply post, critique the presentation, providing constructive feedback that includes pertinent references to support your points. Discuss what you learned from your peer’s presentation. Include at least three references in your reply post to add to or expand on the points made by your peer in their presentation.