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You don’t have to read all of them but please state the general ideas.write a (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point, with 1” margins)  5-7 page “compare and contrast” paper reflecting on the readings for that day. Make sure you note the themes the day’s papers  in common, what each one adds to the conversation, etc.

chemistry in the world around us

In this discussion, you will be trying your hand at applying one of the ideal gas laws to a real world situation. Consider a situation that involves an ideal gas law and discuss how you would apply your chosen ideal gas law to the situation. Write your own ideal gas law problem based on this situation but DO NOT solve this yourself. A peer will solve the problem you wrote.2 references required for part 1Part 2 solve ideal gas equation below if possible. If you feel that there is not enough information given in their problem to solve the problem, discuss what additional information you would need and why.An ideal gas is a theoretical gas composed of randomly moving point particles of many randomly moving particles that are not subject to interparticle interactions, which have no volume, and is an approximation that helps us to model and predict the behavior of real gases. (Khan Academy). Some types of Ideal gas law formulas. The molar form of ideal gas law is the following formula. 1. PV=nRT 2. the molecular form is PV=NkBT. 3. The proportional form is: nR=NKB=PV/T=constant. In this example below, the molar formula will be used to find the answer:The air in an NBA basketball has a pressure of 1.54atm and the ball has a radius of 0.120m. Assume the temperature of the air inside the basketball is 250C. (close to room temperature)Determine the number of moles of air inside the NBA basketball.2. Determine the number of molecules in the air inside an NBA basketball.Formula: PV=nRTP=Pressure of GasV=volume of GasT=Temperature of GasR=the constant=use of (8.31) K molN=# of gas moles

M2: Discussion

Using knowledge you have gained from the lecture and readings, please respond to the discussion questions below.Which ego functions are essential for long-term, insight-oriented ego psychology and why?What is important to assess about a client’s ego-defensive functioning and why?What would help you to decide if your work with a client would be aimed more at ego-supporting vs. ego-modifying?Similarly, under what circumstance would you think ego-modifying interventions might be indicated?

First generation scholarship

Writing Assignment Help This is a need-based State/Institutional scholarship available to undergraduate students who attend Florida public, state universities. Recipients must be a Florida resident and a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen who do not have a previous bachelor’s degree.EligibilityFirst generation in family to attain a college degree (neither of the student’s parents earned a college degree at the baccalaureate level or higher; students whose siblings have attained or are pursuing a degree are eligible). FASFA must indicate that neither parent’s education level is above high school.Qualify as a Florida resident for tuition purposes.Enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours per term as a degree-seeking *undergraduate *student. Some First Gen Scholarships will require full-time enrollment.Demonstrate financial need by completing the national Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and* be eligible for a Pell Grant.*Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. Some First Generation Awards will require a higher GPA.How will this scholarship benefit you?

Knowledge Management – How can KM stem organizational memory loss?

?    Explain why organizational memory loss will cost GDD money now and in the future.?    Suggest at least four reasons that retaining and capturing tacit knowledge will help prevent memory loss.?    Explain how technology can help collect and store information that would reduce memory loss.PPT Transcript Template ExampleCreate the PPT bullet points you would need to cover your answers in the slides.Explain the ideas that support your bullets. Be thorough and give details to defend your ideas. Ensure your discussion focuses on GDD and is not generic to any organization.*Transcript template:*Bullet: Knowledge Managers would collect information from all departments in GDD and share it with others for better strategic decision making.*Explanation: Look at the example given in the case study and support it with material from our readings and prior discussions to show the value to GDD.Use the following scenario,  class content and references to create a PowerPoint TranscriptHarry Hartfield was looking over some recent travel brochures while consulting his recent Google search. Retirement is only 5 days away and he could not wait to see the Fiji Islands. He and his wife thought they would start with a restful break before they started their travels in earnest.  Harry is the head aero engineer at Global Delivery Direct and has been in charge of purchasing the planes and maintenance for the last 15 years after being an employee with GDD 25 years before. Harry had worked up in the company to his current position and has seen a lot of initiatives come and go when it came to eco-friendly flying machines. In the last four weeks, Harry has been breaking in his replacement, Imogine Farthing, who is coming from their London branch. Harry likes Imogine and thinks that she will do well. However, she is keen to purchase the new Boeing 777 cargo plane. She thinks it will go a long way to improving their fuel consumption and air emissions in the long-run between Chicago and Singapore. The cost of the new plane is 3 times more than the Lockheed which Harry thinks will save fuel costs over the old cargo plane they are using now but will not have the same air pollutant emission reduction. While Harry thinks air pollution an important concern for GDD, he also knows that in the past these controls often make the cost of the plan high and the fuel consumption lower than the company predicts. Imogine does not agree. Harry knows it will be her call but wishes he could access old reports he made when he was making a similar decision earlier in his career. With that information as a base with updated figures, he may be able to persuade Imogine to change her mind. During his retirement party, Harry decides to tell Rockfish about this point in the hopes that he may know how to locate the reports. Harry thought it was worth the try. Rockfish said he would look into it but wasn’t sure what he could do.Oddly after his encounter with Harry at the party, Rockfish began a short conversation with one of his sales managers, Amid Jordan. Jordan had been with the company for only three years and Rockfish was shocked to hear that he was leaving. Amid said that he sorry to have to go but he was offered a job in Orlando with UPS, one of GDD’s biggest competitors. In fact, UPS had been poaching many of his managers lately and he was concerned about proprietary information and good talent leaving the company. How could he stop people from leaving the company and taking their knowledge with them and he wondered about the reasons for their departures.Harry’s retirement party was beginning to be depressing Rockfish thought not festive. The feeling was brought home when Harry began a conversation with a visiting shipping department head from their Asian branch. It turned out that she was here to try to rectify a major glitch in the process used to get letter packages to Malaysia. They found out that the problem was in the driver pick up times here in the states. The Asian branch has been asking that the time difference be adjusted for by three hours rather than the 1 hour as it currently was set. It needed to be fixed because he had a lot of unhappy customers with claims of late packages to deal with on his arrival home.Rockfish began to think about the fact that all these stories were dealing with knowledge and its usefulness to the company. This point is one he has been hearing a lot about recently from Jane and now he is concerned about the issues brought to light from his discussions with Harry and Amid. Rockfish approaches Jane and says, “Okay I think you are right about your idea of setting knowledge management processes in place, but you will have to explain it to the Board of Directors. They need to see how it creates strategic value for the company before they will buy into the plan.”Dalkir, K. (2011). Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice (2nd Ed). The MIT Press.(Dalkir, 2011)Jacobson, M. (2022, July 13). 14 key factors of successful knowledge management implementation. Bloomfire. Retrieved from


For this assignment, please do the following:1. Explain in detail each component of a SWOT analysis.2. Apply a SWOT analysis to Prince George’s Community College.Link – https://www.pgcc.edu3. Format: Please use a header for each component of the SWOT analysis and list items identified for each component beneath the appropriate header. (Please use the above format as requested). 4.  Please include and opening and closing.5.  Please include a reference page with references.

chemistry essay

You must spell and grammar check, as that will count in the final paper. Most of you could probably use the help of the writing center.Your references should be included as endnotes (References>Insert Endnote if you’re using Microsoft Word from your free Office 365 subscription). While I would love for you to format them using ACS Style, that is not required. You may use APA or MLA or Chicago or any formatting style, as long as you are consistent. Do NOT just include a list of works cited. You should be referencing specific passages in your paper. It is HIGHLY unlikely that you will need to quote anything…you should be expressing these ideas in YOUR OWN words, but you are citing the source of your information.All figures must be numbered, have a caption, have a reference (unless you drew it), and be explicitly discussed in the text. [Example: “Good” ozone is located in the stratosphere, not the troposphere (Figure 1).]Your essay should include answers to some or all of the following questions, but NOT as bullet points. Your goal is to “tell a good (educational) story” to someone of similar training/knowledge as yourself! I do NOT want a “book report” on Chapter 3. You should answer some/all of these questions by starting your paper with an introductory paragraph containing a thesis statement of your own choosing, supporting your thesis with several paragraphs (each of which tells its own part of the story), and then ending with a strong concluding paragraph summing up your paper. Your paper CAN NOT simply be a bunch of disjointed responses to these questions:What is ozone?Where is ozone in the atmosphere?Where is it “good” and “bad” for us and why?How is it formed and depleted, naturally and anthropogenically?How does it protect us from harmful radiation?What types of chemicals cause ozone depletion, what are they used for, and why are/were they used?Identify one or more products that you use in your everyday life which may contribute to ozone depletion.What is being/has been done to reduce depletion of the ozone layer?Discuss ways in which you can help to reduce the depletion of the ozone layer.Speaking of questions, there is an informal (and immature) writing style that many students tend to adopt wherein they write something like: “Have you ever wondered what ozone is? Well, let me tell you. Ozone is the name of the molecule O3…..Now that you’ve learned about [topic], let’s talk about [next topic].” While I welcome and praise creativity in your writing, that is not college-level writing. Please do not write your paper that way. Your paper should NOT be written in first person. It is not an opinion paper. Do NOT use the words “I” or “we” or “you” in your paper. It is a formal, scientific paper.Here are some other source ideas for you, though feel free to find your own. Remember that all CUNY students are eligible to receive a FREE NYTimes subscription (register using your QCC email address), and by searching for “ozone research” on the QCC library website, you can find effectively unlimited articles. Our librarians would be happy to help you. (I do not know if the last 3 bullets below are available to watch now, but they give you an idea of the range of what’s out there):Frank Warrick’s World Around Us – Hole in the sky (this is a link to the complete program from Australia’s Channel 7 in the late 90s- the 40-minute program begins with a lovely reminder that The Highlander movie series begins with humans “fixing” the ozone hole)The Chemical and Engineering News issue I posted honoring Black history month has an ozone article in it which could serve as a springboard to further sourcesThe Sky’s On Fire (1998 ABC made for TV movie)Saving Planet Earth: Fixing a Hole (2018 documentary)Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Ozone Hole (1991 cartoon)

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