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A good leader is able to motivate and inspire his followers. Good leaders that are able to bring out the best in their people encourage them with positive comments. A good leader not only knows what he wishes to accomplish, but also how he will do so.

I learned more about leadership personalities and leadership skills through the talk. I also discovered the distinctions between a leader and a manager. As Dr. Gerard M. Blair (1997) describes the distinction, "The Leader is followed." The Manager is in charge. A leader is someone who is followed by employees out of their own volition, as opposed to a manager who is required to be obeyed.

A leader's authority over his followers may be remuneration-based, coercive, legitimate, referent, or expert. However, a leader's authority may be be the perception of his followers; he may not possess such influence in actuality. For instance, a follower may believe that a leader possesses expert power, only to discover later that the leader possessed just cursory understanding of the issue.

The dictatorial leadership style reminds me of Hitler, and Saddam Hussein is the most recent example. John F. Kennedy is representative of democratic leadership. Laissez-faire leadership is effective when the team consists of highly experienced, self-motivated individuals (Mind Tools Ltd., n.d.).

Clark (2008) explains, “Although excellent leaders use all three forms, one of them is typically dominant, whereas poor leaders tend to cling to one style.

”Situational leadership” refers to the selection of the leadership style that best fits the situation or is the most effective. The decision might be based on the member's skill level and experience, the nature of the work, the work environment, and the leader's natural style (Mind Tools Ltd., n.d.).

Unquestionably, management abilities are crucial in every aspect of life. I conceived of a manager as someone who plans and directs the work and team members but rarely performs any of the work himself. A manager is able to place orders without getting their hands wet. This talk allowed me to dispel several myths about managers and management in general.

The most eye-opening realization was how a manager uses his time. Myths to the contrary, I had no idea how much time a manager spends negotiating, talking, and clarifying with his team members as compared to external connections. Another fallacy was that managers needed information technologies to support their reports; it never occurred to me that they might actually prefer verbal communication.

The average manager prefers to maintain the status quo, is willing to assign blame rather than provide helpful input, and is preoccupied with defending their turf. Nonetheless, the scenario is shifting. Today's managers must be adaptable to change. Customer satisfaction is their number one objective. Managers may no longer focus just on their area of expertise; they must also comprehend and adhere to the business goal. All of this necessitates that a manager's communication skills and capacity to engage with teams and improve/manage their performance be highly developed. The most important feature of a manager is expectations management, or managing the sometimes competing expectations of customers, senior management, team members, and other stakeholders. A manager also functions as a change agent.

A successful manager must possess soft skills such as mentoring, advising, coaching, and facilitating, among others. A manager can assist his team members with their experiences by serving as a mentor. As a counselor, he can serve as a sounding board for them. As a coach, a manager can assist employees in achieving realistic goals. As a facilitator, he can facilitate the team member's progress.

Morality is essentially a code of conduct that a person utilizes as a guide while making decisions that impact not just himself but also many others. Morality in a business setting is the observance of a moral code of conduct or ethics, not only by the individuals (workers), but also by the corporation.

In the context of business, however, social responsibility entails controlling the impact of its operations on its stakeholders — maximizing good impacts like profit and avoiding bad ones like pollution. Corporate social responsibility demands an organization to extend its care and concern beyond itself and its direct stakeholders to the greater world. This implies that an organization must be ethically, legally, financially, and socially responsible. To be able to support this cause, it may be necessary for an organization to exceed the minimum legal criteria.

The majority of ethical challenges inside an organization concern human resources. In this regard, discrimination is one of the most significant ethical challenges corporations face. Discrimination may be based on caste, gender, or other reasons besides the required requirements for the employment. In many underdeveloped countries, gender discrimination is still prevalent. Sexual harassment is another kind of discrimination, with females frequently being the soft target in a male-dominated culture.

When confronted with a behavior that may not be in the public interest, many persons face the difficult decision of whether or not to blow the whistle. In spite of the fact that few people may ultimately opt to blow the whistle, it is a moral commitment that they should evaluate with all other implications.

In business, ethical judgments cannot be made without considering all relevant data, potential ethical issues, impacted parties, consequences, obligations, and, most significantly, the business's character and integrity.

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