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Book Report for “Welcome to College”

Read chapters 6-15 of “Welcome to College” by Victor Brown.2. Compose a 2-3 page review/report of what you learned in your reading. Submit through the assignment link in Canvas as Microsoft Word document. 12 pt. font and double spaced with proper spelling, punctuation,  and grammar. Write about what you learned and what you think you will apply from the reading  into your career (aviation, airline pilot). Feel free to discuss things that you were surprised about, things that you do or do not agree with and why.Worth 50 points

Reflection of Essay 2

Be as detailed as possible.1. How did you approach this essay? Why did you use the process you did? Looking back, is there anything you would change?2.Which film did you choose and why?  3. Do you feel you remained properly focused on rhetorically analyzing the film? What strategies did you use to make sure you stayed on task?4. What was most challenging about this essay?5.What skills did you acquire or practice in this block that you can apply outside the class? Explore at least one idea. (Essay 2 will be provided soon)

Thinking about opportunity

Write summaries for each of the articles in the module for this week (articles uploaded). You can be brief here, but write in full sentences and make sure you are demonstrating that you understood the topic and articles major claims/conclusions. Write separate summaries for each of the four articles:- The American Dream, Quantified at Last- Inequality is Killing the American Dream- Deporting the American Dream- Retirement Dread is Replacing the American Dream2. What is, according to these articles, going on with the American Dream? Is it achievable for all? What hindrances might one experience in their pursuit of the American Dream?3. The articles presented this week are delving into some of the (many) issues of inequity and inequality across the American landscape that might lead to a lack of access to social mobility and opportunity. Do you agree or disagree with their claims? What do you think about the evidence they present to you? Can anyone rise up in America, if only they work hard? (Think about the rationale for your answers here and where this rationale is coming from).4. When Martin Luther King Jr. stated that: “It’s all right to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps” what did he mean? Do you agree? Explain, and use the articles as support. Criteria for SuccessI want at least 350 words for the answers to 2, 3, 4 (combined!).  Please number your answers.

Thinking about Ideology

Writing Assignment Help Summarize ALL readings from this week’s module (uploaded),  Be brief and focused:- Can There Be A Less Materialistic American Dream- Can We Save the American Dream?- Competing Visions of the American Dream are Driving – Democrats and Republicans Apart- The American Dream After Covid-19 (Link below)2. Watch the Ted Talk, The New American Dream (Link below) Courtney E. Martin makes the claim that “the biggest danger is not failing to achieve the American Dream. The biggest danger is achieving a dream that you don’t actually believe in.” Do you agree with her? Why or why not? Where do we get our concept of the American Dream? Is it ours to change?3. The texts this week are presenting new ideas about the American Dream that in many ways question our ideological underpinnings as a nation. But most people take their ideological beliefs as more akin to truths than reconstructable frameworks. What long-standing American beliefs get in the way of reconfiguring the American Dream? Use the articles from this week OR last to support your answer. 4. Can we save The American Dream? How has Covid-19 affected The American Dream? Reflect here. As always, be substantive in your responses. I want at least 350 words for the answers to 2 – 4 (combined). Video Link: Link:

Personality traits such as Introversion and Extroversion affect Second Language Acquisition?

Topic: How do Personality traits such as Introversion and Extroversion affect Second Language Acquisition?

One Source should be: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (by Susan Cain)

Assignment Instructions:
I would like you to prepare a 1 page (double-spaced) proposal for your final project. The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you have a solid plan for your final project with enough time left in the semester to execute your plan.

Your project proposal for this week’s assignment should include:

A brief explanation of the topic you have chosen
A brief explanation of why you have chosen this topic
Any ideas you have for your research question(s) for the study you will propose. Keep in mind that this needs to connect with your overall topic in some way.
[optional] Any ideas you have for your proposed research design – Where would your data come from? What instruments/methods would you use to gather them? How would they be analyzed?
At least 5 relevant sources that you have identified so far, in APA format

Critique and analyze the attached PDF called Cognitive Development Through Adolescence by following the activity guidelines shown below (also Essay

Critique and analyze the attached PDF called Cognitive Development Through Adolescence by following the activity guidelines shown below (also attached for ease of reading). This is not a summary but a critique and analysis.

Activity Guidelines
• Objectives: What does the article set out to do?
• Theory: Is there an explicit theoretical framework? If not, are there important theoretical assumptions?
• Concepts: What are the central concepts, and are they clearly defined?
• Argument: Are there specific hypotheses?
• Method: What methods were employed to support the hypotheses?
• Evidence: What evidence was used to support the findings?
• Values: Are value positions clear, or are they implicit?
• Literature: How does the work apply to your findings?
• Contribution: How well does the research advance cognitive psychology knowledge?

critique peer reviewed article

The journal article critique will be at the end of the semester and should reflect a growth in how you approach studies, the accuracy of the results, and potential influences of bias. The article must be relevant to this course, meaning it must have a study design covered during the semester (including: cross-section, cohort, case-control, or clinical trial). Literature reviews and meta-analysis are not allowed and if used will result in a zero on the assignment. If you do not see a design mentioned and it seems to be just reviewing what other people have done, that is a literature review. If it looks like there are multiple studies described, that is a meta-analysis. If you are unsure the study design is appropriate, you may email the article to the instructor for confirmation of eligibility.The article must have been published since 2010.The study must be done on U.S. populations (no foreign studies).  The assignment must have the following sections. Use headers.IntroductionProblem Statement and IntroductionStudy Design and ProceduresResultsBiasConclusions and ImplicationsPersonal ReactionPlease see the critique structure document and rubric for more information on how to fully critique articles.The journal article critique assignment should be three to five pages (a minimum of three FULL pages of text, not two pages plus a few extra lines). The title page does not count as part of the page requirement. Do not quote the article itself, this assignment is intended to help you summarize your thoughts, not copy and paste another’s words.Do not use first person outside of the personal reaction paragraph.For the purposes of this assignment, you do not need to use in text citations since the entire assignment is over the single article. If you bring in content from an additional article, you would need to cite (in text) and reference (at the end) that additional article only.The APA reference for the article should be placed in the footer or at the end of the article in a reference section. APA should be used for additional references in the article.