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anything related to American legal history

Please address any topic relevant to the course content and talk about it in depth. You can choose any relevant topics to write about. Please use at least three scientific articles in the text to support your argument.

The Psychological Impacts of Domestic Violence

You must include a reference page using st least 5 sources. Use in-text citations, as well. Please make sure your sources are academic journal peer reviewed references obtained from The citation will include the author, year, name of the article, name of the journal, volume, issue, and page number.

Hippo Roller water carrier

To complete the Assignment, create a Value Chain Analysis based on the product you chose. Your analysis should include the following:·        Make the Business Case for the product, being sure to focus on the marketing, sales, and distribution strategies for such a unique product in a non-traditional market.·        Make the Customer Case for the product, including an explanation of the value created for the end users, as well as any positive or negative impacts (financial, personal, and cultural) on the customers or society. the final project you will choose a foreign country and select one of the products below and develop a Value Chain Analysis. the country that has been chosen is Kenya

How do you choose where to spend money

Writing Assignment Help Please address the following:•    What are top three areas for minimizing risk to improve compliance and security of information assets within General Dynamics? (Provide details of what and why.)•    As the allotment of funds falls short, is there anything that can be done to stretch the money further and possibly cover other items?•    Would you implement the improvements in-house yourself, outsource, or offshore the implementation?•    What residual risk will remain after the safety measures are in place?•    How will the organization manage that risk?

Examples in Project Management Career

My experience is in Project Management currently so I would try to reference examples as a Project Manager if possible.1. Use a personal example to describe the four stages of team development. Clearly label each stage, and use your example to describe the details of that stage, then move on to the next stage until you’ve addressed all four stages. Also describe the pitfalls at each stage, using higher-level thinking as defined by Bloom’s Taxonomy.Identify what signals to you that the team is ready for the next stage.2. Describe two developmental and two detrimental behaviors of team members. After describing two of each, lead us through an example of detrimental team behavior from your own experience. Based on what you learned in this experience and others, what personal behaviors do you have that could diminish team unity?What are three goals you have to adjust behavior and be a better teammate? 3. Using Kolb’s cycle to outline the experience, tell the story of a team you were part of that achieved innovation in solving a problem. Work your way around Kolb’s cycle, naming each phase and describing your process for being innovative with a team, and what you learned at each stage in order to move on to the next one. How was this team different from a work group? What role did diversity play in the team effectiveness? 4. Referencing your experience, tell us: what are the best practices for driving innovation with a team? What inhibits or promotes creativity in an organization or group? What is the role of creativity in an organization’s success?5. What does productive collaboration look like for you? In what way do differences within a team affect the way the team collaborates? What sort of activities, methods, guidance, or strategies do you use to promote collaboration? (For example, how do you get a group to brainstorm together effectively? What structures or scenarios do you put in place to encourage participation?)

the biological study of a specific behavioral or mental phenomenon

Please select a behavioral or mental phenomenon such as language or schizophrenia and then select a biological strategy for investigating it, such as hormonal or genetic mechanisms, neurotransmitters, drug treatments, or localization of brain processes by imaging. The project will be worth a maximum of 100 points.Written paper. As an example, the theme of your report might be imaging approaches to the study of schizophrenia. Your paper should summarize fundamental issues, questions, and controversies and provide a general overview of the topic using the biological line of investigation you chose. It should also elaborate on your understanding of the brain processes that are revealed through imaging research in schizophrenia. To accomplish this, you will have to use recent research articles (published within the last five years) to illustrate relevant points. You may use any of a number of electronic databases to find research articles that deal with your topic, including the library and the Internet. The one requirement for the research articles that you select is that two of them must have appeared in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. You may wish to consult with the library staff or your faculty member to confirm whether a particular journal is peer-reviewed. Newspaper or magazine articles should not be used as your major reference, but they are sometimes useful when they lead you to the appropriate research article. You should avoid simply repeating the articles in summary form, but rather use them within the text of your paper to illustrate important points. You are welcome to discuss your choice of topic with your faculty member to make sure you are on the right track. Your paper should be 1,600 words, or about 6 to 8 pages, in length (use the word count as a guide to length and stay within 200 words of the target to avoid penalties).  It must be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, and fully referenced in APA format.  Please check the course schedule in this syllabus for the due date. The penalty for a late project is ten percent of the score on the project.

How do you know who you are

The midterm asked y’all to tell me who you are given the requirements of personal identity.  For the final, I want you to tell me how you *know* who you are.  How do you know you’re not a brian in a vat?  How do you know you’re not stuck in another’s body (i.e. – like the movies Get Out or The Black Box)?  How do you know you’re not stuck in a simulation like the Matrix?  You’ve given me who you are, now I want you to argue that you know you are you. RequirementsWord length is between 1300-1700 words not including works cited or overly lengthy quotationsBe sure to touch on at least 5 of the readings we have covered thus far in class and at least one of the movies we have watchedYou are required to come up with 1 Gettier style thought experiment of your own to demonstrate how you know who you areDo *NOT* just give me sensory evidence of how you know, because as we’ve seen from Putnam, Gettier, Descartes, and the Matrix sensory evidence is not sufficient.  You are making an argument that you *know* who you are.  Be sure to have a conclusion that stipulates the criteria for a person to obtain knowledge given that they are conscious beings.  Helpful SuggestionsThink back on the questions you raised in Perusall and during class.  These are helpful to articulate how they apply to you as a person.Thought experiments can take multiple forms – don’t be afraid to get creative!  We have seen several different styles of arguments, so again, don’t be afraid to deviate from the standard form (intro, point 1, point 2, point 3, conclusion).  If you are stuck or have any questions, please come and see me.