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The image is crucial to advertising, as it captures the attention of passersby when they pass billboards on the street. With order to effectively convey the value and purpose of a product or service, businesses must do so in a single image. An image for a Nivea men's moisturizer is an example of this type of advertisement, since it captures the attention of the target demographic and stimulates the purchase of a product with a simple image and a few fitting words.

Advertising body care goods for guys is difficult because the ethos of most societies prohibits males from using cosmetics. Therefore, even a skin moisturizer that reduces wrinkles must be advertised in a way that attracts but does not intimidate the target population. In a series of images from Nivea, it is evident that the brand has captured the attention of its target demographic by tackling relatable life situations. In the middle of the frame of each photograph is a man's forehead with deep, extensive wrinkles. These creases are the result of an incomplete home, a youngster at play, or a wrecked vehicle, depending on the image. Since this image is positioned in the center, it seeks to capture attention and illustrates the most pertinent problem for men. This symbol represents the stress males have as a result of having to tackle "adult" concerns, such as repairing a house or automobile and raising children. Therefore, the fundamental strategy for attracting customers is to emphasize the prevalent problem before demonstrating the solution.

In addition, a small image of the Nivea moisturizer can be seen in the appropriate area in the photograph. This position in the photo's corner underlines that the customer's problem is the company's top priority, and that their product is the solution. However, while the corporate emblem is plainly recognizable, the product name is obscured, which is both an advantage and a negative. A potential purchaser may pay attention to the brand, but if he does not know what type of product he need, he will decline to purchase the item to save time. On the other hand, since there are virtually no variations between moisturizers from different companies, the emphasis on the emblem can persuade the buyer to choose this firm instead of purchasing a different brand by accident. In light of this, the placement and size of the product image are reasonable and suitable.

The text surrounding the photograph is another crucial component of this commercial. The statement “Because life makes wrinkles” appears in the corner of the image, attracting the audience's attention. Since context is added by any background information in the image, these words are also an explanation (Sheffield). This phrase is easily readable, as it is printed in white letters on a dark background and is placed next to the product image, creating a connection between them. The laconic idea clarifies that wrinkles are a typical aspect of aging for all guys due to the obstacles and stress they experience in life. Nevertheless, the association established earlier reveals that both wrinkles and tension can be reduced or eliminated by using the Nivea cream. The sentence strengthens associations and urges the viewer to purchase the product, even when the image itself is self-explanatory.

Additionally, the usage of color is an integral component of the image. The images of the males are placed on a dark background to create contrast. The black color that surrounds the man's head represents stress, which exerts pressure on him, while highlighting the central image of wrinkles. This background also increases the visibility of the metallic design of the goods and the white color of the lettering. In addition, all elements have cold tones, which maintains the image's restraint and prevents distractions from the product. Thus, all colors are coordinated, and their combination is appropriate for the advertising setting.

In conclusion, the advertisement for Nivea's men's moisturizer contains all the characteristics of an effective product advertisement. The core topic is pertinent and appropriate for the many guys in the target audience because it relates to life's challenges. The placement and design of the elements also help to the disclosure of this concept, draw the attention of prospective purchasers, and encourage them to acquire the goods. Additionally, the use of subtle hues and tones allows the product to stand out in the overall composition without detracting from the principal concept. All of these factors come together to form the ideal image for advertising a men's beauty product.


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