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Introduction Main Body Case summary in an Amazon warehouse conventional management explanation summary A summary of the critical viewpoint (Marxism) Summary of the essential clarification (ideology and managerial power) Conclusion References


A crucial component of any hypothetical work, critical analysis refers to the process of evaluating the work objectively. It requires resolute thought, the application of cogent reasoning, and constant thought. Additionally, the process entails the deconstruction of many concepts and texts that the individual reads. In the context of management, critical thinking refers to a cautious and comprehensive evaluation of a situation. Organizations use critical analysis to discover whether an employee is performing to his or her full potential and capabilities. Critical thinking is the foundation of critical analysis. The method assists in determining whether a claim is true, somewhat true, or manufactured. Critical analysis derived from critical thinking yields abilities that may be learned, comprehended, and used in a specific area of an organization.

Awareness of a person's primary function within an organization and basing one's functioning on this information serves as a guide for all matters requiring the making of vital decisions. This phenomenon has existed for centuries. Classical and contemporary theories of management agree that rational planning is the most essential executive function. Henri Fayol (1841-1925) believed that anticipating and planning were essential managerial functions for a corporation to achieve its goals (Fayol 1949). Fayol stated that it is vital to direct the management functions in order to ensure that strategies are analyzed and the right steps are made to enhance performance. Fredrick Taylor also argued that managers should be the "accelerative planners" and activity supervisors.

The employees on the shop floor, on the other hand, are the "doers." According to Taylor, the human race in the context of the workplace can be classified into two distinct groups. A considerable percentage have the capacity to behave as "minds." The category'scientifically' conceives and develops industrial methods. The majority of the other category participates merely as "hands" in the responsibilities assigned to them by the category of "minds." My essay discusses managerial difficulties and strategy in the context of an Amazon warehouse. In this setting, corporate planning appears to be predicated on preconceived notions of individuals, leadership, and hierarchy. Corporate planning is especially concerned with the seeming necessity of hierarchy in the complex conditions surrounding corporate settings (Blaug 1999).

Main Body

In contemporary management practices, the concept of strategy is based on a thorough understanding of people, leadership, and hierarchy. It appears to be a straightforward extension of operational planning.

Case summary in an Amazon warehouse

At 800,000 square feet, Amazon's Swansea warehouse is among the largest in the United Kingdom (Cadwalladr 2013). The company's website features more than 100 products. Hundreds of additional items are not posted online. Cadwalladr describes her time as an employee at the Swansea megastore. She claims that when business is excellent, the retailer receives more than 450 thousand orders. There is an insinuation that both employees and management are overworked. The corporation receives more than 3.5 million orders every day during the holiday season. Handling such a large volume of orders poses a challenge to the organization's dedication to balancing customer service with the well-being of its personnel in terms of lengthy hours of work.

There are now four shifts at the Swansea location. Each worker puts in fifty hours per week. The hours are spent hand-selecting and packaging things according to customer orders. The general public has dubbed the practice "Amazon's elves." The employer is notorious for paying minimum wage, yet employees are pushed to the limits of European Union labor rules. When junior employees take three sick days within a three-month period, they are terminated. According to Cadwalladr, a book written by Brad Stone suggests that Amazon avoids paying taxes despite its large sales profits and abuse of its employees.

When Cadwalladr was hired by the company through a Swansea employment agency, she conducted an internal investigation. She is a journalist by trade and wished to investigate the veracity of the company's assertions as an undercover reporter. Cadwalladr uncovered the true reason for the company's success. The organization excels in all online transactions.

When a customer clicks to purchase a product online, personnel are expected to ensure that the product is delivered on time. The company has perfected the skill of organizing the chaos caused by the storage of millions of items. The corporation has a complex strategy for determining how to provide products to customers in a timely and dependable manner while outcompeting competitors. Cadwalladr asserts that personnel not only pick and pack tens of thousands of things each day but also send the correct items to the correct clients. The business never fails to fulfill an order.

conventional management explanation summary

Recent changes to Amazon's human resources department reflect the rapid transformation of the employment landscape. Even the most successful businesses are affected by the high employee turnover rate. Existing businesses are fast altering their perspective on staff. Employers actively involve workers in decision-making processes. In this way, employees feel like they are a part of the firm and ultimately become loyal to its objectives. The significance of this component lies in the fact that innovative personnel help the organization. However, the failure to view personnel as an asset that assists the company in achieving its goals is damaging to the success of any business (Grey 1999).

A summary of the critical viewpoint (Marxism)

The Extended Design School of thought addressing the business strategy and positioning of a firm remains the most prevalent archetypal strategy formulation method. It is considered the reasonable strategy model. The paradigm views strategy as a conversation and textual flow of ideas and logic. The approach examines how official organizational and managerial plans mirror dominant strategic discourses (Knights & Morgan 1991). It also analyses the embedded knowledge and authority relationships with the employee. Carl Marx's perspective provides insight into how Amazon's management approaches strategy creation in terms of profitability and market leadership.

Claims to management authority are continually based not just on the de facto status of the manager inside the company, but also on the implied 'job of managing.' In this aspect, human capital is crucial to the success of an organization. To assure a company's financial success, however, the majority of corporations employ executives who adhere to capitalist ideals. Regarding its employees, Amazon's business practices adhere to the rationalist philosophy. The company's objectives are broken into strategy storylines. Managers are urged to adopt appropriate responsibilities in guiding staff as they carry out their duties (Hales 1986).

In studying Amazon's profitability strategy, a Marxist perspective suggests that the entrepreneurs utilize their financial resources not just to acquire market share, but also to establish their authority over their workforce. The company's employees are not sufficiently compensated for the labor they perform. Marx believed that physical or mental labor is vital to human survival. The hierarchical structure of a corporation accentuates personnel differences. This represents the separation of mental (thought) and physical (hands) labor.

Summary of the essential clarification (ideology and managerial power)

In the modern business world, technology is vital for client delivery. Regardless of the type of business, production and distribution technology continue to play a vital role in the profitability of corporations. Every individual is a prospective employee in the absence of production technology. However, given the importance of information, skill, and competence in a corporate environment that is becoming increasingly competitive, employees are basically useless without the necessary machinery and technology. Machines and related technologies are costly to acquire and maintain (Alvesson, Bridgman & Willmott 2009). Rich persons who can purchase the technologies and machinery can therefore determine job conditions. As is the situation with Amazon, worker conditions and earnings continue to deteriorate. Marx considered this to be exploitation.

Amazon has practiced capitalism for several decades. The upper management possesses considerable managerial authority. The supervisors use their authority to influence the job conditions of junior staff. The company's access to innovative technology makes room for contemporary capitalism. The company's information technology infrastructure minimizes the amount of employees required to effectively run the business, but the majority of employees possess few or no expertise. Individuals with a high level of expertise and significant training are at the apex of the organizational hierarchy and have enormous control over the operation of the business.

The management has granted these persons the authority to take advantage of the unskilled staff. Managers possess the ability to terminate employees who take three sick days within three months. This translates to sick employees reporting to work to avoid termination. The corporation lacks a balance of power, resulting in increased workloads and meager compensation packages.

The workforce are oppressed by the management's ideology. Employees do not participate in decision-making. The upper management views employees as a form of human capital that only performs manual labor. From a Marxist standpoint, the technique segregates Amazon's workforce into social classes. This management strategy differs from a variety of other management strategies. Amazon views labor power as a commodity due to the extensive range of activities required to achieve the company's aims. No longer is the usage of labor force systematized according to the demands and desires of the employees. It is systematized according to the employer's requirements. It has been observed that the firm has a special and persistent interest in devaluing the commodity (Magdoff 2006).

Amazon's management structure, for instance, differs from the Contingency Theory of management. The Contingency Theory is seen as exception-based management. It is based on the understanding that possibilities exist. The theory holds that things that are doing well do not require management. Exceptions are instead managed. In general, few exceptions are anticipated. Consequently, employees are afforded greater autonomy. The method enables the management to focus on other areas that are in fact in need of development. Employees are involved in the decision-making process and have increased responsibility. The employment conditions are superior to the capitalist method (Fournier & Grey 2000).

Individualism and collaboration in firms are determined by the company culture based on how people are treated. Management at Amazon should evaluate its current management style and embrace a postmodernist management style. The methodology emphasizes a rationalist approach to strategic discourse in conjunction with a reconfigurationist paradigm. It encompasses the vast majority of crucial aspects that many executives are unaware of. These factors are currently regarded as generally applicable to the creation of plans that prioritize employees as human resource assets (Grey & Willmott 2005).


I have critically assessed Amazon's management of human capital in light of management models in this essay. The investigation demonstrates Amazon's exploitative employment practices. Despite the company's financial resources, the management consistently exploits the employees by extending work hours while paying minimum salary. This study is vital for the company's upper management since it identifies the flaws that must be addressed immediately.

Reviewing the company's organizational culture is essential to avert an impending employee crisis. This is due to the fact that numerous firms are rapidly establishing employment possibilities and becoming increasingly desirable employers. Amazon will likely face a labor force dilemma in the coming years due to the fact that prospective employees are shunning the company. Employees are an integral aspect of a business. Employers should recognize their contribution by providing a pleasant working atmosphere and competitive compensation. Engaging employees in the decision-making process increases employee commitment to the company's goals. Engaged personnel are frequently innovative and perform to achieve the organization's objectives.


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