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A Submarine At Constant Speed Can Be Modeled, After Discretization… A Level English Language Essay Help

A submarine at constant speed can be modeled, after discretization in time, by the equations:
Image transcription text
W (k 1) 0.88 1.388 -0.006 -0.002 W(k) -0.011 -0.22 q(k 1) -0.001 0.535-0.003 -0.002 0.083 -0.02… Show more… Show more
is a white noise with zero mean and unity variance. Consider initial conditions with null mean and identity covariance matrix. For real system simulations generate initial conditions using a normal distribution. You want to minimize the functional
a) Determine the optimal policy assuming the known state vector
Image transcription text
W. h… Show more. Draw a graph of state variables over system time when this optimal control policy is applied.
b) Repeat part a), considering now that only the vector of observations y(k) is known. compare the result obtained with item a).
c) Repeat part b) using the stationary Kalman filter and optimal control. Compare the solution obtained with that of item b).
d) Repeat item a) considering now the functional total cost with discount (remember that in this case the vector
Image transcription text
W. h… Show more is known)

Please Convert These 8 Sentences In The Below Given Tone…. Easy Essay Help


Conversational yet professional tone

1. Pursuant to our conversation which took place on the 4th of September, you are hereby notified that your vacation has been met with approval.

2. It is desirous that all employees adhere to the signs posted in various and sundry locations throughout our establishment and properly cleanse their hands.

3. R U coming to the mtg at 3 cuz if not the boss will be mad.

4. All managers are hereby instructed to administer the pro forma documents to the appropriate parties for the ensuing quarters.

5. All employees are herewith instructed to return the appropriate designated contracts to the undersigned.

6. The manager tendered their resignation after a catalogue of unfortunate decisions called into question their continuation as an effective leader.

7. We facilitated the production of hard deliverables and hit all required real-time benchmarks.

8. It is a tricky problem to find the particular calibration in timing that would be appropriate to stem the acceleration in risk premiums.

1. Internal Combustion Engine (ice). Burns A Petroleum-derived Fuel… Writing An Essay Help

1. Internal combustion engine (ICE). Burns a petroleum-derived fuel (gasoline or diesel, or rarely compressed natural gas), stored in a tank.
2. Battery electric vehicle (BEV). Electricity, stored in a battery, powers an electric motor.
3. Fuel cell vehicle (FCV). Hydrogen, stored in a tank, is run through a fuel cell to generate electricity, which powers an electric motor.
For an ICE, there is the overall efficiency of the engine in converting chemical energy in the gasoline to kinetic energy at the wheels. (Much of the gasoline’s energy is lost as heat.)
For a BEV, this includes the efficiencies of electrical power generation, and transmission, and storage in the battery, retrieval from the battery, and of the electric motor.
In a FCV, the hydrogen can come from one of two sources. “Electrolysis of water”: Hydrogen can be produced from electricity by using electrical energy to power the reaction H2O ? H2 ½ O2, so the hydrogen serves as a way to store electrical energy. “Steam reforming”: Or hydrogen can be made from natural gas (methane) and steam, CH4 2H2O ? 4H2 CO2. Either way, the hydrogen needs to be pressurized, or even liquified, for storage, which requires energy. There is then the efficiency of the fuel cell in converting hydrogen energy to electricity, and finally the efficiency of the electric motor.
Q1. For a BEV or FCV, what is a “best-case” scenario for sustainability (in particular, for carbon emissions)? What is a likely present-day real-world scenario? If you owned a BEV today, what would be the origin of the electricity you used to charge it? If you took an FCV to a hydrogen filling station, how would their hydrogen have been produced?

Answer Question #1
Carbon intensity values :
Hydrogen and fuel cells:

use This Link Https:// To Learn How Cognitive Biases In Online Marketing College Admissions Essay Help

Engineering Assignment Help
Use this link to learn how cognitive biases in online marketing can affect adversely business decisions.
discuss how decision models support informed decision-making. Use examples from this week’s discussions and the recommended readings; you can also use examples from your professional experience. Post your reflection on the discussion board by the due date (1.5 points). When posting your reflection please ensure that it contains your first and last name.
Read reflections of other classmates and respond to at least one post in a constructive way, continuing a discussion or presenting a different example/ alternative opinion/ experience (1.0 points). Posts containing only “Great job!” or “I liked your discussion!” will not be considered and no points would be awarded for such posts.

How Should I Respond To This Post Based On How Can You Use Your… College Application Essay Help

How should I respond to this post based on how can you use your Christian worldview and biblical foundations to be a “champion” for your students?

Image transcription text
After watching the video with Rita Pierson, there are many ways to be a champion for your students. Childrenand teenagers need our guidance. During these times, kids need someone to look up to because there aremany things stacked against them. Ms. Pierson mentioned that kids don’t listen to teachers they … Show more… Show more

Please Give Me A Critical Analysis Of Recent Cybersecurity Events… Essay Help Services

Please give me a critical analysis of recent cybersecurity events (the event should have been published since August 1, 2021)
1. A brief description of the event
2. Critical analysis of the article using the knowledge gained in the course
3. Own opinions and lessons learned
4. Citation of the article

Thank you.
Some suggested sources include: ArsTechnica, ThreatPost, DarkReading, Krebs on Security, Schneider on Security, BleepingComputer, CSO, SC Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired, ZDNet, Information Week, Network World, Search Security, etc.

If Instead, The Study Had Investigated The Relationship Of Mmr And… Mba Essay Help

If instead, the study had investigated the relationship of MMR and autism at one point in time, rather than following individuals over time, which measures of association could you have calculated? (select all that apply)
Select one or more:
a. Prevalence odds ratio
b. Prevalence difference
c. Risk ratio
d. Rate Ratio

Suppose You Have Two Part-time Jobs, Restaurant Server And Uber… Extended Essay Help Biology

Suppose you have two part-time jobs, Restaurant Server and Uber Driver. After younger servers start working for less, employers pay only $11 instead of $14 per hour. What happens to your supply of hours for Uber driving? Explain. 2.The current bank interest is 10%. You borrow $20,000 from the bank as well as invest $20,000 of your own money in a new business for a year. Detail the obvious costs and the implicit costs (hidden opportunity costs) for both amounts of money you are investing. 3.Would you rather have higher inflation or higher unemployment? What are the reasons behind your personal choices?
4.Banks, like other businesses, operate to make profits. Are there reasons why banks should be subject to more government regulations than, for example a shoe store or dollar store? Explain your answer.
5.Recently, the Bank of Canada lowered its target for the overnight rate by 50 bases points to 0.25 percent in order to provide support to Canada’s financial system. Explain how this change affects your decision to buy or not your own house.
Suppose that a country experiences a reduction in productivity due to an increase in regulations on its energy sector. This is the equivalent of an adverse shock to the country’s production function.

a) What will happen to the labor demand curve? Explain.
b) How would this change in productivity affect the labor market – that is employment, unemployment, and real wages – once the labor market reaches a new equilibrium?
c) How would this change in productivity affect the labor market in a country where the unionization of the labor force is relatively high and unions prevent real wages from falling?
Determines how many total exams will be done in two months, using provided formula.
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome3. Determines wages for 2 MAs, 1 PA, and 1 MD.
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome3. Determines wages for 2 MAs, 1 PA, and 1 MD.
4. Calculates total labor costs.
5. Determines the price per exam using provided information.
6. Calculates the total revenue.
7. Submits a budget following instructions in a spreadsheet format.

Suppose families are single-parent families: for each parent in generation? there are 1 ? children and these belong to the next generation. Anyfinancial wealth left by a person who just died is inherited equally by the1 ? children.For members of generation ? the probability of staying alive three periodsis thus 1 ? ?. Suppose each individual “born” at time ? (the beginning of 4period ?)1 maximizes expected utility, ?? = ?(?1?) (1 ?)?1?(?2? 1) (1 ? ?)(1 ?)?2?(?3? 2).c) Given the pure rate of time preference ?? in what direction does adecrease in ? affect the effective rate of time preference for a middleagedperson?d) Suppose that there are no life annuity markets, and that the youngknows the inheritance (positive or zero) before deciding the saving inthe first period of life. Assume there is a constant real interest rate, ??For a young belonging to generation ? whose parent dies at the end ofperiod ? with financial wealth ?, the period budget constraints are?1? ?? = ?? 11 ????2? 1 ?? 2 = ?? 1 (1 ?)????3? 2 = (1 ?)?? 2?Explain. Interpret ?? 2 : is it saving in period ? 1 or what?e) Suppose that for some unexplained reason all members of generation? ? 1 happens to have the same financial wealth at the time of retirement.Yet, after one period an inegalitarian distribution of wealthwithin generations tends to arise although all individuals have the samerate of time preference. Explain in a few words why.

At a certain point in time a competitive market for private life annuitiesarises. Then before retiring middle-aged individuals place part or all theirfinancial wealth in life annuity contracts issued by the life insurance companies.These use the deposits to buy capital goods which are rented out tothe production firms. Next period the production firms pay back a risk-freereturn, 1 ?? per unit of account invested. At the same time, the insurancecompanies distribute their holdings (with interest) to their survivingdepositors in proportion to their initial deposits.f) Suppose that the insurance companies have no operating costs. Theiraim is to maximize expected profit. Then, given free entry and exit, inequilibrium what will expected profit in the annuity industry be?g) In equilibrium, how much will each surviving depositor receive per unitof account initially deposited?
our work in a medium-sized restaurant in the centre of the city. The restaurant is relatively new but business has been increasing rapidly so management have decided to recruit a number of new staff members.
As part of the induction program for a group of new food and beverage employees you have been asked to create a presentation to share with them as part of their induction.
What basic organisational information would be relevant, would help them plan and organise day-to-day tasks and would help them work effectively in hospitality service? Provide at least 12 examples.
Question 2
A large group of overseas guests has arrived at the hotel where they will lodge for two weeks. Describe the different types of information that should be provided to them on arrival, to ensure they experience an enjoyable stay and one they will share with others.

Question 3
Identify at least six examples of common operational tasks that hospitality workers might undertake.
Question 4Identify six things that might be done at the end of a shift, and explain why it is a good idea to do these things at the end of each shift.

Question 5
Staff need to understand their own roles and responsibilities and the roles and responsibilities of other team members. Where will this information come from?
Question 6
Identify five tasks that might be covered by organisational policies and procedures. Do not repeat tasks that you have already identified when answering previous assessment questions.

1. (5 points) Suppose the cost of making a car is cheapest in Japan. Then Japan should specialize in producing cars.

2. (5 points) In order for an IRA to encourage savings (relative to a regular savings account), the substitution effect of higher interest rates must dominate the income effect.

3. (5 points) An index fund is a portfolio of stocks that tracks a broader index such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S

please Help
image Transcription Text
1. Cual Es El Mensaje Que Sandra Essay Help Service

Please help
Image transcription text
1. Cual es el mensaje que Sandra Cauffman quiere comunicar a los jovenes? 2. Quienes son los dos hombresentrevistados y por que creen que la visita de Cauffman es muy importante? 3. Como se consigue el exitoacademico y profesional segun Cauffman? Estas de acuerdo con ella? 4. Cual es el mensaje de C… Show more… Show more

How Do I Predict The Products? Nursing Essay Help

How do I predict the products?
Image transcription text
1. -MgBr 1. MgBr 2. H20 2. H2O H 1. 03 ? CH3 ? 2. Me2S 1. LiAIHA O NaBH4 2. H20 MeOH CH3 A H3 C BOH H3 C C H3 C D H H… Show more

This Will Require That You Examine The Data, Interpret The Data,… English Essay Help

This will require that you examine the data, interpret the data, and decide how to organize it in your post. Answer the question based on a subset of the variables included in the below.

Country Group 1 VariblesTotal Gross Domestic Product (GDP)GDP Per capita, levelGDP per capita, annual growthTotal PopulationPopulation average annual growthExports and importsTotal tax revenueCurrent health expenditureGovernment expenditure on educationEmployment in agriculture Employment in services

Note that some of the prompts are focused on a within-country comparison. For these, focus on the data for your country. Other prompts request a cross-country comparison. For these, compare across the high, middle, and low income countries in your Team. But, focus the narrative on your country. Use the others for context.
-Cross-country: Compare the shares working in agriculture versus services. What does this suggest about the level of development of each economy?
Image transcription text
Income and Income Distribution Composition of GDP and Structure of the Economy Total Gross GDP PerIncome shares Income Income Government GDP per capita, Gini Variable Name Domestic capita, held bypoorest shares held shares held Exports and Total tax Current health expenditure on Employmen… Show more… Show more

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